Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why you should join the chess club.
When you play a game of chess there is lot’s and lot’s of rules to the game. When you play you have to use your brain a lot during a game. If you join the chess club and you don’t know how to play then the chess club will be able to help you to play. If you join the chess club we could play a tournament in the school.

If you play chess then your brain will develop massively, because chess is one of the best board games for your brain, because in chess you always have to think a couple steps ahead of your opponent, because then you have lots of other plays you could do.

If you join the chess club it won't be lonely and boring because every once and awhile we will have a inter school tournament. If you win then you will get a prize, the prize might be a piece of chocolate or it might just be well down. If you get really good at playing chess then Mr Fourie will think about putting you into a team, for when we go to a outer school competition.

If you want to join the chess club and you don’t have a clue what to do then, the people that do know how to play chess will try and teach you how to play chess. When I first join the chess club I had no idea how to play chess or where to place the pieces on the chess board. But now I do know how to play chess and it’s a extremely fun game to play.

After reading all of my ideas of why we should play chess, do you want to play chess. It’s a great game for your brain, it’s fun and after a while you get pretty good at it. So come on guys join the chess club.

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