Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why you should join an athletics club!

Image result for junk foodHave you ever thought about keeping yourself fit and healthy? Well, yes there are many ways you can stay fit and healthy such as joining a gym, counting every calorie you eat and so on! How boring, right? If I told you  that there is a way of keeping fit and socializing with your friends at the same time, would you be interested in joining the club? I believe that being a member of an athletics club physical and social needs. Here are my reasons why you should join an athletics club!

Image result for athletics trackFirstly, I think it would be really fun competing against your friends as well as having a great time doing it. Not only that but you could also learn some new skills and tips along the way.  Why be one of those people sitting at home with no friends, eating the biggest tub of junk you could find “ if that was me I would be thinking ‘ WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE’.

Image result for skillsSecondly, think of the new skills you could learn like jumping high, throwing far and much much more. You can also do all of those fun things with your friends and family. Think about how joining this club will impact on your life. If you would only like to do the running part then this can reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Image result for coming lastThirdly, It doesn’t matter if you you come last in every race you race in it’s about having fun and that you have friends by your side and actually being part of it and this can keep you out of trouble and all of those sorts of things. It can also keep you fit and healthy and I know everybody wants that!

So I hope that I have persuaded you to join an athletics club and remember
  • It would be fun competing against friends
  • You can learn new skills
  • And it's just about having fun
So I hope I have persuaded you to join an athletics club.

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