Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why we should develop the school courts

Dear Board of trustees

We need to make a change to our school courts, because it isn’t in the best condition like it was. That is why I am going to give you some points on why I think we should develop the school courts now.

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My first reason is a big safety hazard, because our netball and basketball hoops are cutting a cross each other and a lot of the times people are always going to bang into each other or, when they do bang into each other it could cause serious injuries. Also some other safety hazards are the fence, because there is some loose wiring and it could potentially go into someone's eye. Plus there are some holes in the court and people might trip over them or even cracks, because there is heaps of them on the court that no one really notices.

My second reason is that there could be more opportunities, because more people from around the community could use our courts and we might even get some money off them for using it. Also The Aims people won’t need to drive to other schools and use their courts, because our court will be in a good condition and it will look like the others schools courts that we have gone to.
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My third reason is that I have some ideas on fundraising so we can change the courts if the school doesn’t have enough money and, my Ideas are a weekend reremoana car wash, movie in the field at Reremoana school and my last one is that we have a adult bingo night at Reremoana School.

My last reason is that will be more enjoyable to play on instead of what we have now because, the condition that it is in, I wouldn’t want to use it at all and it also doesn't really look like a court because, how bad it looks. It actually looks like a place where someone has done a very poor job on it.

So Please Board of Trustees I am begging you to change the courts because of Safety Hazards, there will be more opportunities and last but not least it will be more enjoyable to play on.

Yours sincerely Logan Henry

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