Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why we need new courts immediately!

Why we need new courts immediately!

The current state of our school courts are very dangerous and not suitable for the kids and unexpected weather.Our school courts are very small leading people to crash into each other and we can't have two games playing at once.Plus our school courts are not presentable ether, if a new student comes to our school we want them to see the courts and be like I want to go on that first.We need new school courts and here's why!

Firstly, Our school courts can be very dangerous in our usual Auckland whether making the concrete burn student's feet or causing them to slip and graze there arm and leg. Did you even think about the size of our courts? Exactly we need to upgrade and change the size of our old boring courts. Currently they are very small and not big enough to have to games playing at once. Also our school equipment isn’t spaced out very good either because when someone goes to shoot a goal and another hop is beside it that person could miss and hit the other ball causing the other team to miss their goal.

Secondly, some kids can’t afford school hats because of the price so how are they going to have their chance of playing on the courts? That is exactly why we should have shade sails over the court. I think that would help a lot for those who have migraines or get sunburnt easy plus it could cool it down when it gets really hot. Another thing that can help our school courts is to have a higher fence surrounding it so we don’t have to worry about throwing the ball over and having to go all the way round to get it.

Finley, we all can't forget about looks because who want a dumb old looking court am I right? I think we need some colour and shape to our courts so if someone was interviewing the school they would think man they have a nice court I might send my child to Reremoana or if a new kid comes to school they would think I want to go on the court's first because it looks like the boom!

Conclusion, I strongly believe that we need to upgrade our school courts and say goodbye to the past courts and hellooo new courts by the way we could be saving someone's life to sun cancer. Hopefully you have thought about it and made a good decision I can’t wait to see our future courts and what you decide.

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  1. Jade nice work on your writing It has really good reasons why we need a new court but you need to fix your spelling mistakes and to me I think in your last paragraph at the end of it,it doesn't make sence just double check and fix it nice writing piece