Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why we need a new court.

Developing Reremoana school courts!
Vaiomana Foaga.

Reremoana school courtsImage result for reremoana school courts are too dangerous for us kids to play on because I believe that we could bring other school
Over for a match so
We need to make our courts bigger because
The little kids might get ran over
From the big kids and
The little kids might end up in hospital.

Reremoana school courts are too slippery on wet days and
Lots of kids keep getting heart and
When they get heart we will not have
That much people at school
And that is not how works

Reremoana school courts should not be dangerous
We should have 2 or 3  courts, so one for the year 1,2,3 and 4  and
One for the year 5,6,7 and 8
Also we should have a courts that is good for competitions.
The way that the Reremoana school courts look like
Is not suitable for any of us to play on.

Reremoana school courts are not suitable for us to do stuff on like  hockey,netball, basketball or any other sport
because our school courts are too small or to tiny for us
to do those kind of activity on

This is why we need to change our school courts
and we need to do it immediately.

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