Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why we need a new court

We need a new court!!!

We need a new court because our court is old,dangerous and small.Imagine if we had a bigger newer court other schools could come to our school and we could have basketball,netball or even tennis tournaments at our school if we got a bigger court.Today I am going to be persuading you why we need a new court.

The court is becoming old
The court lines are fading and becoming harder for the kids to not go out of the boundaries when playing games.The hoops are ruined and when kids are trying to shoot they are playing with hoops that are ripped and ruined and makes the game harder for the players to shoot.Lastly the court has been there since the school opened in 2006, the courts need to be revamped since they have been there so long.
It’s a dangerous court:

Secondly the court is becoming a dangerous court for us kids to play on.
The fences that are surrounding the courts are an issue they are ripped apart and kids are climbing through the fences and the wires are scratching them and they are getting hurt. Also on rainy wet days the courts get wet and when kids get released some kids go on the courts and run in puddles and slip over and the wet courts and they get hurt.The court is becoming a safety hazard so we need a new court.

There is not enough room:
When playing on the court lots of kids are playing and crashing into each other.
We need a bigger court because there are a lots of kid running into each other,more and more kids are playing on the court and we could have tournaments.Lots of kids are running into each other but what if we had a bigger court kids could run around and shoot hoops on a bigger court. What if we had a bigger court we could have kids from other school come over to our school and play basketball and netball at our school.

So I hope I have persuade you and the board of trustees to get us a new court,we need a new court because at the moment our court is getting old,our court is a dangerous court and its small,So now when need two make sure the board of trustees to get us a new court or a turf instead of a court.
By Riley

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