Monday, 20 March 2017

Why we need a new court

Dear Board of Trustees do you agree with me when I say we need a new court?. No? Ok then let me change your mind with something called persuasion… The ground hurts there's holes in the fence. The ground burns your feet when it’s summer. And well, we need a new court.

The first reason is the court is unsuitable for the seasons of the year if you have the wrong equipment. The ground burns your feet so much that you regret bringing shoes in the summer. Or when it’s Winter and aren't wearing a jumper it's freezing and you get cold as well. Also if it starts raining you could trip over really easily. It’s like ice. Also the rain could rust some of the equipment and make it unstable for kids to play on..

Now you're probably saying how are we going to get the money well it’s simple kind of. We have a school gala. I know you're saying but that’ll cost more money well hang on i’m not finished yet. 2 Years ago the school made 20K
and we paid a lot less than half of that with the students help. Now that we’ve got that out of the way.

My next reason is the surface of the court it’s not smooth which is quite dangerous if you trip over or stub your toe. People could trip over easily. Last week while I was playing basketball I almost tripped over I thought I hit a rock but it wasn’t. It was a little hole in the ground. Just imagine what would've happened if I did trip over. The concrete is unsafe it’s hard and it’s easy to trip over. You could scrape your knee badly and the parents wouldn’t want their child coming back just because there knee is scraped pouring with blood. I don’t think they'd blame it on the child but the court.  

And finally my last reason is the fences. Just look at them. They're old and like us I think they might want a rest. There’s holes in the fences and I don’t know if you know but people keep on crawling through them. Also if you’re playing tag and your crawl through those fences with wires still sticking into them. Well then you're gonna have a hard time still smiling. So just imagine if your child came home with their neck cut open. You’re gonna blame the school for not fixing that fence that people play around. I know I would. Also there’s some rocks that roll over into the court. So when people start running around and step on a rock (like I did) It’s gonna hurt.

So if you agree with me I think it’s time we have an inside court. Like a gymnasium. So come on let’s get a new court.

Thank you,



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