Monday, 20 March 2017

Need new courts now!

 Why Reremoana Should Get Bigger,Better Courts!
At Reremoana school the school courts is way too small to fit so many different games and little ones are getting hurt by older and bigger students.It’s small and hard for anyone to play on the courts and so that’s why we should make the school court's safe without all the crashes with the Basketball and Netball.So I’m going to persuade you why we should have much more bigger courts for everyone to play on and so it’s fair for anyone to play on it.

Reremoana students are getting upset and getting told that they are not allowed to play on the school courts because it’s not for them,well I think they should have a court for little ones and another court for the older ones so it’s pleasant that no one gets upset.Also when It’s raining it could be very dangerous because you never know what could happen and with fitness and sports happening around, I don’t think it’s suitable to take over the whole court because of trainings and not sharing with other people.

When there is also a tournament happening the space around the courts can’t fit everyone and it’s small for us to move around more ,young or old people like us are fighting over the courts saying I was here first and not sharing with each other so if the courts were actually made for young ones to have their court and the older kids have their own court, then there would not be any fighting or yelling happening.

So I think we should get bigger courts to have more fun and more area to play around and no one will fuss over the courts and everyone will enjoy a lot more time without worrying there is not enough space,That’s why we should get a bigger courts for everyone to participate on the court and to have fun.

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