Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We need to expand our courts by Mason

All of us need to improve or courts!!!

We need to  Expand our court  Because of the following reasons  
It’s a big safety hazard .  Personally I think it needs more space.

My first reason is that we need to expand our courts so we can play games properly
Let me explain thourgher.  When a group of kids are playing basketBall  and  Another group of kids are playing netball,They well collide  the balls will  get mixed up and throw to the wrong person. so we need to expand  our  courts with different areas for different sports.
Oh and so we can invite  other schools.

Second reason is  safety hazard if we don’t expand our courts we will have a lot of injuries .  if two games are going on at once  they will collide at have lot’s of injuries and there will be to many people in one place.   

Last of all so we can have fun and enjoy our courts because we will have more space to actually  play games and run around it well make our school a better place

in my conclusion we need to expand our courts to play games properly , safety hazard and because we need to have fun so please expand our courts.

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