Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Develop Reremoana School Courts !!!

The current layout and surface of the school courts are not suitable for playtime or to do PE or play sports on. The current state is dangerous, not suitable to host sporting events on and certainly not suitable to use in the questionable Auckland weather.

The Reremoana school courts are very dangerous, because after a rainy day and you want to play sports on the court you could end up slipping and hurting yourself.
With the current layout of the court, if their is multiple games on, you could have a collusion or possibly run into a pole.

If we upgrade the school courts by adding more basketball, netball and tennis courts. We could host inter school competitions and if we do we would have good relationships with other schools. If we host inter school competitions we might be invited to other inter school competitions.

In Auckland's questionable weather it's not suitable to play on the courts because we could slip and end up in hospital. So we should install all weather terrain so we can play on the courts when it's wet, so we don't slip. If we install all weather terrain we could play on the courts when the ground is hot so that our feet don't get burnt.

So guys do you think we should upgrade the courts, I think we should. Board of trustees I hope you will consider my point and help us upgrade the courts.

By Ishaan Ram


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