Wednesday, 22 March 2017

School Courts - Caleb

Slipping, sliding, grazed knees and arms, kids getting hurt, the basketball kids running into netball kids. People running into poles.
These are some of the things that happen because of our school courts.
I think that Reremoana School should get new courts. Courts that make sure that kids aren't getting hurt.

The courts are dangerous.
When the courts are wet, students can easily slip over. Just because it is wet it doesn’t mean that it stops people from getting grazed legs. I was playing a game on the courts and they were wet, going around corners on them you have to slow down heaps. There are also lots of poles that don’t relate to the sport you are playing. So If you were playing netball and you had lots of basketball hoops you could run into. At lunchtime, if people want to play netball and some other people want to play basketball, it can’t happen. Why? Because the courts crossover each other. People will be running into each other.

If we get proper basketball & netball courts, we can host proper games with other schools to play against us. No organising cars, uneven numbers, waiting for notices to come back for permission to go. We can play here! Also in summer, the courts are very hot and you need shoes to play on it. There are lots of different confusing lines for different sports and it is hard to keep track of where all the lines are.

A proper court should have an even amount of basketball and netball hoops. We don't! We have an uneven number of basketball and netball hoops. 3 basketball hoops and 5 netball hoops? Confusing! The senior kids like to play games without the little kids in the way, and I’m sure the little kids would not want us to interrupt them as well.  We could have 2 hoops for seniors, 2 hoops for little kids.

In conclusion I think that you guys should add new basketball and netball courts that are roofed, and have wooden floors because I’m sure that nobody wants to have bleeding knees and arms, or bruises from running into poles.

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