Tuesday, 21 March 2017

School courts

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Why we should develop the school courts

Well first of all I think we need to freshen the hoops at the courts. I think that we should also try to repaint the lines on the court.  I also reckon the we need to have a basketball side and a netball side.

By freshening the hoops we can concentrate more on the hoop so we can shoot better. And by having a basketball and a netball side we won’t get mad at each other and we would be able to have practices at the same time which could prove useful. Also by re-painting the lines we won’t get confused with where we are going and what lines we need to be on.

I just think that we need to freshen up our courts because come on it's been like that for ten years.I also think that by freshening up the courts that when new students come to look at our school it might be the first thing that they want to play on which could prove useful. And I think that if we do have a basket ball and a net ball side,netball hoops wouldn’t be everywhere and we could move one of those basketball hoops and put a netball hoop there and one down the other end and then it would widen up the area.

I know that if we do this people won’t be running around on the courts and running into a game of basketball because we would’ve section it out so that each sport we play there (basketball & netball) would have there own space.Also if we do this other things might come in handy like getting kids more active or people that are there teaching them how to play a new sport basketball or netball.And if we do this things would just be a lot easier for the people that like to play basketball or netball on the courts.

I think that we just need to freshen up the courts because it’s been like that for ten years and if we do this it may prove useful because more kids won’t be playing on there own and they could go to the courts and learn basketball or netball. So what now. What are we going to do with the courts just leave them like that, or freshen it up just a little bit to help us learn,grow,succeed.

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