Monday, 13 March 2017

Reremoana school needs weather courts!
Dear board of trustees,

We need a new all weather courts it is so dangerous for all of the kids at Reremoana school because we are going to slip over and hurt ourselves really badly. So these are my reasons why we should have it and I personally think Reremoana school should have a developed all weather court.

Image result for reremoana schoolThere is no doubt that Reremoana school should have an improved all weather courts. Firstly, when the netball girls play on the courts it goes horizontal and the basketball boys play on the basketball courts which is vertical and then they always interfere with our netball game and then someone always gets hurt and gets pushed over and they can get a really bad injury or a really bad scrape on them.

Image result for raindrop clipartSecondly, The current situation is really dangerous. There are so many puddles when it rains and there are going to be so many more in time and it is dangerous because all the water goes to one side of the court and it is so deep and big and all the children's uniforms will get wet and gross by the end of the week (little kids will go in the puddles), and we don’t want that at all.

IMG_20170316_121058.jpgThirdly, When we are playing on the courts it is way to crowded for everyone. We have to share it with the little kids and then we might push them over by accident when we are playing and the they wouldn’t want to come on the courts again and we all want them to have a play on the courts so everyone gets their fair share.

So I hope I have persuaded you why Reremoana school should have a developed all weather courts, and remember
  • The netball girls and basket boys always clash.
  • The current situation is dangerous.
  • And When we are playing on the courts it is way to crowded.
So their are my reasons why we should get a developed all weather courts in Reremoana school.

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