Monday, 20 March 2017

Reremoana School Courts

Reremoana School Courts

Excuse me B.O.D, do you
know about the netball courts. You heard me correct the netball courts. You may have found out by now that the netball/basketball courts are becoming a hazard. I am going to tell you all the reasons why we need new netball/basketball courts.
Firstly these courts are a slip hazard. As you may know New Zealand doesn’t exactly have the best weather so the courts do tend to get a bit slippery. And not just the rainy weather, the hot weather too. If you don’t wear your shoes in the summer the courts are sure to give your feet blisters.

Secondly the courts are too small to have practises on, people will get pushed over and everyone knows how nasty those grazes are. I don’t think anyone wants to be getting one of those. I know that this is my last year but I am also thinking about others.

Thirdly the paint lines, they are getting confusing when you are in a practise. Next minute you know you will be over the line or starting in the wrong place. People are getting annoyed with this and I am sure they want it changed immediately.

As I was saying before the school courts are coming to a point where they need to be re-done. What now? I am thinking that we could get two basketball courts and two netball courts. I hope I have persuaded you to re-do the courts.

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