Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Reremoana School Courts --- By Richard

Fix the Reremoana School Court!!

Dear Reremoana Board of Trustees

Reremoana School Court. It’s Terrible. The Courts are Dangerous, people are Getting hurt! This has to change. You Guys need to fix the Courts. Today I’m going to Persuade you why Reremoana has to fix their Court.

IMG_20170322_120621.jpgFirstly, There’s a High Danger of these Courts. School’s supposed to be safe! The Netball and Basketball courts Clash. So when Netballers and Basketballers Practise, there’s likely to be a clash.  Also, there’s 2 Basketball Courts, and and 2 Netball Courts. If we had More Courts, we could Practise, and Improve the Aims Games Teams. Speaking of Aims Games, Hockey is one of the 4 Sports we are doing, and, one of Reremoana’s main Sport. And we have to go all the way to Strathalan, to go Practise. If our Courts had more room, Hockey Athletes could Practise here!

Secondly, The courts are not Waterproof. In Auckland, it’s usually very rainy. That means, the Courts get very wet. This can lead to slips, which causes Kids to get hurt. And when kids get hurt, they go on and on and on. No One wants that! Also, this can’t let people practise their sport, because the surface conditions are bad. The fields are closed and the courts are soaking, so what can you do? Make these Courts Waterproof!                                                      
My last reason is the Courts are so Small! Again, when it rains, the Fields are Closed. So we have to fit 150 people on to the tiny Court. There is no room for anyone to practise. People are just standing around, doing nothing. Also, if our Courts were bigger, we could host Basketball and Netball Tournaments! Expanding the Courts will come with Major Benefits.

So, do you agree now? Do you now think You Guys need to Develop our School Court? Come on, School is Supposed to be fun. And, the Courts are Dangerous, not Waterproof, too small, and, if they were bigger, we could Host Tournaments. We have to fix these Courts, for Everyone in Reremoana School.

Yours Sincerely,
Richard Fallon

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