Sunday, 19 March 2017

Reremoana needs an all weather turf

Dear board of trustees,

There is no doubt Reremoana school should improve the courts, firstly it is a hazard, you could run into a pole, secondly usually when it is netball season it is basketball season, when the girls try to play netball on the courts, the boys want to play basketball and the when the girls play vertical and the boys play horizontal which is a no no. Thirdly in Auckland it is likely to rain during winter during school days, if we have an all weather court we can still go out and play hockey or any sport even if the court is wet.

Who wants to be playing a game then BANG someone runs into a pole,  who wants to run into a pole no one does who would? There is so many poles around when we play netball we could run into the basketball hoops, when the boys play basketball they can run into the netball hoops. The way the court is built is stupid  because it is just too dangerous. The netball hoops can fall over if someone accidentally someone pushes it over it could hit someone that is playing sport of even just walking on the court.

Netball and Basketball are in the same season, when the girls try to play netball the boys try to play basketball and then they end up crashing into each other because the girls play vertical and the boys play horizontally see the problem here. If we had a separate court for netball and Basketball it would be much better because the girls could be playing netball at the same time the boys are playing basketball. Usually when the girls and boys want to use the courts is causes conflict between them because there is not enough room to play at the same time and no one wants to play half court, WE AREN'T LITTLE KIDS. The shooting circle for netball is very close to the basketball circle so it's hard to play around them.

2 terms out of four are raining most of the time because of Auckland weather and when we want to play, we can´t because of health and safety, the courts are to wet to play on so it's very easy to slip and hurt yourself.  We should have an all weather turf so we could play and not slip as easy if it was an all wet. Another reason we need a all weather turf is because we could play heaps of other sports on it and when the boys practice cricket  on the cricket pitch the girls could practice cricket on the courts because it wouldn't wreck the equipment and we wouldn't have to get more equipment every year. If we had a all weather turf we could have our aims Futsal and Hockey practices here and wouldn't have to travel to Strathallan.

We need a all weather turf for so many reasons and for health and safety issue’s Get an all weather turf or don’t just remember if you don’t get an all weather turf then be prepared to have heaps of kids hurt and complain. It would costs heaps of money but we could fundraise and this is something we need.
Kind regards Hayley Brown

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