Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New courts

Dear Board of Trustees
We  Know That our school is in dire need for a new court. Because of these three reasons It's too hot, bad court design and to be able to host competitions.

It's too hot, our courts at the moment is quite hot during lunch and morning tea, because of the sun and the ironic time frames we get to pay on it. The courts can burn people's feet making them trip over resulting in a grazed knee or a bruised leg.
Secondly there is uneven amount of hoops and wasted space, because our school  has badly designed the courts you are unable to play more the one basketball/netball game at once, You could try but that would end up with people running and tripping over each other especially with the powerful basketballs running into the netball girls.
bad drainage.

To continue we can host competitions at our school such as the Counties or just a friendly school competition. And the other kids can watch Reremoana school students win all the games, and it will be great to have an all weather turf so whether it's rain or shine we can watch them play.
hole in the fence.

the courts are too small to have practices on, people will get pushed over and everyone knows how nasty those grazes are. I don’t think anyone wants to be getting one of those. I know that this is my last year but I am also thinking about others.

So in conclusion we believe that our school is in dire need for a new courts because of the safety hazards the poor design and The fact that we are unable to play basketball and netball games at the same time and finally we cant have basketball competitions.

holes in court.


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