Wednesday, 22 March 2017

More Courts, More Opportunities

Dear Reremoana Board of Trustees

Reremoana school is known for our amazing success in sports. We need to make sure we keep this title by Having more space to Practice or train! If we expanded the courts there would be not so many safety hazards and more space to play! We are coming home with blisters, sore feet, wet clothes, cuts and scraps! You guys on the board of trustees are not thinking about all of the advantages that we could have if we built more courts.

IMG_20170322_115828.jpgThe courts are just not safe enough for us, the children of Reremoana school to play on! The surface of the courts is one big safety hazard. In summer the black surface of the courts heats up and absorbs all of the heat from the sun. We are getting blisters from the hot surface and when we fall we get cuts and sores because of how hard and rough the courts are. In the winter the courts are slippery and wet. We are more likely to get wet from falling onto the wet courts than getting wet from the rain. The basketball and netball team are having big collisions because the courts are set up in a very wrong way. The basketball games play horizontal and the netball games go vertical. How are we supposed to play or train if we get in the way of each other?

Buses are very pricey these days and we are spending way too much on travelling. All we are doing is putting money down the drain! If we had these new courts we wouldn’t have to pay for buses because we could hold the matches at our school! Other schools would come to compete at our school on our new courts. Parents would be much happier if we expanded because they wouldn’t have to take time off work to help with transport or help on the day. Reremoana is known for our success in sports and I think we need to keep this title. The most Important way to keep this Amazing title is to train and show people what we are made of! We could show people who we really are by holding tournaments at our very own school! We have some amazing athletes at our school and I know how great it would be to Let them show how amazing they truly are!

Teams Don’t have enough space to practice and the equipment is getting ruined because we are playing on the wrong kind of surface! If we extended the courts and make them all-weather courts we could train and keep our equipment nice and clean while having fun! Hockey sticks are scraped and scratched at the end because of playing on the courts, Cricket bats and balls are falling apart because they are hitting the rough surface. We could prevent this happening by building an all-weather court and using astroturf as the base. Teams don’t have enough space to practice and train! We have Two Cricket teams at Reremoana and only one of them can train because we only have one cricket pitch. If we built more courts both teams could practise at the same time. This year we are hoping to take quite a few teams to the aims games. One of these being Netball. With the new courts, there is more of a chance to win games because we would have a great space to train and play games in preparation for The Aims Games.

Overall I Know that expanding our courts will be one of the best decisions you will ever make! Teachers and Parents will be much happier with having more space and don’t even get me started on the how happy the children will be! There will be fewer blisters, Cuts and injuries because the surface wouldn’t be too hot or slippery throughout the seasons. Parents plus children will be generally happier! We will have more opportunities with new courts and more experiences. Expand the courts! You won’t Regret It!

Kind regards,
Tayla Mckinney

Many thanks to Hayley Brown and Google Images for the awesome Pictures!

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  1. I really like your story and your points! :)