Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Junk food

Eat Junk, Die Young!
By Hannah Smith

Image result for lollies wallpaperHave you ever been walking around at morning tea and lunch time, seeing all of the kids lunch boxes well if you haven't the next time look at all the their lunch boxes they will probably have potato chips and lots of junk in there. That is why I am here to persuade you why junk food should be banned from schools.
My first reason is that it is so not healthy for kids to be going to school with an unhealthy lunch everyday of the week. You should be having at least one healthy sandwich a day with a piece of fruit. If you are going to school with an unhealthy lunch then you are not getting the food that your body can process with and it will destroy your food and eating habits.  
Image result for lollies wallpaperMy second reason is if you have junk food in your lunch box everyday that means it is going to affect you in your later years because you are just eating junk and not enough healthy food so that means you are going to be overweight or you are going to be really sick.
Image result for appleMy third reason is that when you are having too much junk food you  you have to push yourself harder in fitness than everyone else, that is because they are eating healthy and your not!  The junk food has slowed you down a bit (that is really bad for you).
So there are my reasons why junk food should be banned from schools, and remember
  • It won’t be healthy for you.
  • It will affect you later in life.
  • And you are gonna have to push much harder in fitness.

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