Sunday, 12 March 2017

Junk food isn't called Junk for a reason

Junk food is delicious but it does come at a price. Junk food has a lot of sugar which means it’s really unhealthy. Did you know that one bar of milk chocolate has over a 2 cups of sugar in them. The average American soft drink consumed is estimated at 44.7 Gallons of soft drinks. That’s pretty surprising. That’s estimated at 18,309.1 Gallons of sugar every year consumed.
Now let’s talk about  pastry goodness. Although some people say it’s healthy because it contains no sugar. There is still fat and salts. The average calories consumed is 2,700 calories. And that’s only in a day. In a year the average calories is 958500 Calories consumed that’s converted into pounds is 2171516.7548501.
So then now would you trust me when I say that Junk food isn’t called Junk food for a reason. (I still eat it anyways)

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