Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Fix the Reremoana school courts

Fix the Reremoana school courts
I strongly believe that the Reremoana school courts need! Changing immediately.They can be very dangerous in rapidly changing  Auckland weather, people running into each other basketball hoop, netball hops and there are even tennis nets.
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The courts can get seriously slippery and wet  
In Auckland whether we can never be sure if it is going to rain or if the sun is going to stay out.Do you know how dangerous it is to run around on wet concrete it is so so slippery and its concrete falling over on it can be immensely painful you could just get a few bumps or buses but if you landed badly you could even break a bone.      here's and idea the B.O.T could get tinted plastic or glass put over the courtsImage result for tinted glass roof it would give them shade and they would get nowhere near as wet and hopefully there won't be as many puddles IMG_20170322_120054.jpg  altho they might need to have some type of wall in cases of side wind.It would be a bit like the hall but better. They could even add thin padded mats over the surface to prevent scratches scrapes bruises and lower the chance of breaking bones.Image result for thin fold over crash mats


With poles hoops and nets scattered around the court it has got to be dangerous there is a very high chance you run into one of them especially if you are like me and pay zero attention to your surrounding and just focus on the ball.To prevent people from running into them.First they could have the all of the hops on the side of the court not in the middle.They are pure mettle IMG_20170322_120054.jpg
Running into them is not nice even if they were on the side of the court does not mean we are going to completely  miss them so the B.O.T could put foam around them like this

Image result for netball hoopthen even if you did run into them it would not hurt as much you could also make them fixed our current ones have got wheels which means students can move them around when they want which is why there always in the middle of the court.The tennis nets should either be kept on the side of the court for all the time that they are not being used or they could implant them through the middle separating the netball court from the basketball court.

“Ow careful you be careful”running around on the court can very dangerous with 50 other people on with you the chance of running into anyone very high especially with all the different lines and games.IMG_20170322_120621.jpgThe B.O.T need to make the court bigger we are running out of space that school is getting bigger and bigger and nothing is enlarging.The court is one of our smallest areas to play but is yet one of the biggest to in popularity to play on.if we had bigger courts we could have the basketball and netball team practise at the same time without colliding.    

As you can see the courts as they are now are dangerous and need developing. I would suggest that the BOT should make the courts bigger. Instead of having 3 basketball hoops, 4 netball hoops and 2 tennis nets we could just have 1 set of each in separate to avoid them crossing over. Another suggestion to deal with the court becoming slippery would be to put a clear roof over the courts.

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