Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Don't be a punk, Say no to Junk!

Young bodies need good foods to keep growing strong and healthy.  Growing bodies need food that is nutritious. It is important for children to develop healthy eating habits. Schools need to encourage and teach children healthy eating habits. Selling junk food sets a bad example for children to follow. Healthy foods help children concentrate in class. Junk food is full of sugar which gives children a burst of the ‘wrong’ kind of energy. Junk food can cause children to become restless in class and lose focus.
Image result for no more junk foodObesity is a big problem with children these days because they are eating the wrong foods and not doing the right amount of fitness every day. At school, the teachers are not checking children’s lunches. I think that children will bring more pieces of fruit and healthier options if we offer a reward. At Reremoana we have a token program. If everyone brought in one piece of fruit and received one token in return then the house points would be flying. Not to mention encouraging Children to bring healthy food.
Image result for no junk food!Many of us choose junk food over organic food because it saves us money, but we do not realise how much money we may lose in the long run. Eating small amounts of junk food is not a big hazard to our health, but when we consume it on a regular basis, junk food can lead to major health problems later on in life. Junk food is usually high in calories. Our bodies do not like to waste energy so the extra calories are usually stored as fat, causing weight gain. Eating junk food for long periods of time can lead to obesity, vitamin deficiencies, heart disease and other health problems.

In conclusion, Junk food is extremely bad for us and it should be banned from schools. Kids are becoming obese and overweight because they eat too much junk food and not enough healthy foods. We can develop Health problems and serious diseases from not eating the right foods. At school teachers need to encourage students to pack more fruit than chips. I believe if we change the way we eat then we will all be healthier and enjoy learning a lot more because we will be able to focus because we eat the right foods. It is also a plus for the teachers because the kids wouldn’t be on a sugar high from all of the junk food they ate at lunch time!

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