Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Ditch the Junk (persuasive writing)

Ditch the junk

Your fast food can be your last food, that’s right keep eating they way you are and your junk food  CAN be your last food. Imagine life on earth when you only eat junk, it is like living in a world where people are only dying quicker than normal. Your last day could have been anyday
Eating fast means breaking fast. You have a 87% more chance of dying when eating junk all the time than if you eat 1 junk food a day  you have a 32% chance of dying.
Basically all food in kids lunch boxes is junk, that means kids have a chance of dying at a young age. I don’t want to frighten you but it is true. Kids need to start eating more healthy and ditch the junk.
When eating too much junk food you can form a sickness called diabetes. Diabetes is when you cannot eat any sort of lollie at all. It can be very tough to not eat any lollies when you can at least have one junk food a day.
In conclusion I think that junk food should be banned because of your dying age, and end up having diabetes for the rest of your life. You choose, at least have one junk a day or a week or no junk for the rest of your life. The choice is yours to make, I am not forcing you to any of these.

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