Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We Need Better Courts!!!

To The Board Of Trustees.

Reremoana school is pretty good in general, but do you think it is reaching it’s full potential? The rugby field feels like hay in the Summer and mud in the Winter, the turf isn’t big enough for a full hockey game and the soccer goal posts don’t even have nets! This is why Reremoana needs some better all weather turf, that can replace the court, so that we can: A)Eventually earn money off the use of the courts. B) Get to know our neighbors. C) Have more opportunities for everyone!!! As Reremoana school has grown, our numbers have increased and it has the opposite effect for our courts. As the popularity of the courts has increased, there's less space for play, and sports teams to train.

Firstly earning money doesn't have to come from the students in fundraisers, it can be made off the courts and our community members. If we extend the courts so will the popularity, do you see where I’m going with this? Probably not. But if we paint the courts to have a netball court, basket ball court and a tennis court side by side, then we can have more games going at once. And this left you thinking, how does this make money? Well it doesn’t. But if you build a fence around the outside and sell keys to the neighbors, you can make money off that, which can go towards putting turf in the courts place.

Therefore the Aims Games will not be a problem. Every year we pay mega bucks to Strathallen to use their hockey turf for training. But if we extend our hockey turf we can do it here, for free! But that’s not all, because we can get other people, e.g schools, to pay us to use our weather turf.

Thirdly, fundraising is a good way to get to know our neighbors and gain more money. Everyone thinks that we should keep it at 4 discos in a year, but disco aren't the only money makers. I figured the reason we don’t do more than 4 discos is because how much we pay the D.J, but this can all be avoided if we do a movie night. This may not sound like the smartest idea, but for a movie night anyone can come along which equals more money which seems way more affordable.

Lastly, if you want more opportunities for the kids, this is the way to go! Everyone is dying to take any opportunities given to them, so why not give them more? With the new courts we can invite other schools over and have our own mini tournament. This way, we will be able to hold more sports events at our school and get to know our neighbors!

With these reasons I hope I have persuaded you that we need better all weather sports fields because the bigger the court, the bigger the bucks!!!
Sincerely, Brooklyn

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