Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ban Junk Food From Schools!! By Richard

Junk Food. It leads to Obesity, and even Diabetes. So why are schools allowing kids to eat junk food? It’s like schools are letting kids to become fat! Today, I’m going to persuade you why we need to ban Junk Food from Schools.
Firstly, Junk Food is very Unhealthy. Too much Junk Food leads to Obesity, and can lead to Type 2 Diabetes! Others could bully kids about their personal body. In High School, this could lead to suicide! Who knew Junk Food could leave to this! And Schools are allowing this to happen!

Secondly, Junk Food isn’t the right fuel for the brain. Students that eat lots of Junk Food, usually are below the NZ National Standards in 2+ Learning Areas in their End of Year Report. I thought school was to improve your learning?
My last reason is, kids Probably can’t go on field days at school. This is because they might not have the ability to play the sport they want to play. It may just be it’s not the right sport, or they are probably too heavy for that sport. And how to you become heavy?. Eating too much Junk Food. And you have to be eating Junk Food at school, to gain so much weight
Schools have to ban Junk Food from Schools. Kids become fat, which can lead to bullying, make students drop in learning, and People might not be able to do activities they want. What do you think? I say, ban Junk Food from Schools!

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