Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why we shouldn't wear school uniform!

Why I think Reremoana shouldn't wear school uniform. Do you really want to look the same for your entire school years? Well I don't and when you've finest reading this I think you will have second thoughts about wearing uniform.

Some uniforms can be quite itchy or uncomfortable were mufti it's totally up to you on what is comfortable for you. Also when you pick what you want to wear it’s up to your likings of what you want to look like, some people probably don't like mufti because they're proud of their own uniforms so ya I am proud of my school uniform but Ilv had uniforms for ages so I thought we could change that.

Most people don’t like uniforms because of bullying but that's not there fault its the schools we should have schools that are caring not mean pulse we have mufti days and I don’t think we have had any bullying. This school is a loving school and I know that because i've been here for 8 years.

Uniforms are quite expensive to buy from the uniform shop plus school fees plus any sport tournaments or anything else.Everyone should have mufti and if they don't how are they going to afford uniforms if they can't afford mufti?( I wouldn't want to be in a uniform my whole life!)So what i'm basically saying is that Money should be used on food and things that will keep you in the earth of living not uniforms.

Now my favorite part of mufti is style, you can dress up how ever you want you can dress up like a princess or just however you're feeling.You can expres your selve basicly...Maybe you're a type person who likes to dress like twines with someone or just like your own different unique way.

And that is why you should wear mufti to school because it rocks and there are only a few school with school uniforms so what does that tell you??Hopefully I have persuaded you to wear mufti and not ugly uncomfortable uniforms.

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