Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why we Should wear Uniform --- By Richard

Why We Should Wear School Uniform

“Why Can’t we Where Mufti!”
We’ve all been there. Wanting to wear Mufti to School. But we really Should have to wear Uniform. And Today, I’m going to tell you why we should where our Uniform to School.

Firstly, you are Representing your School. Wearing Uniform is School Pride. People know what school you are from, and that your proud of it. Buying Uniform is Supporting your school! There are Multiple Uniforms at some schools, so you have a choice

Secondly, you might be teased or judged of the Mufti you wear. You are probably thinking ‘What, you’re crazy!’ But there are Nasty people out their that can tease you of your clothes. These could be your friends and you might become your enemies! With Uniform, we are all wearing basically the same, so teasing can’t happen.

My last reason is that, Doesn’t it look Silly when 500 or more people are walking out of School in Mufti. Lookig at all that Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, etc just doesn’t look right. Don’t you think when 500 kids are walking out of school, you look at them weird, or think, ‘That ain’t right’?

So, do you agree with me? Do you now think we should wear our School Uniform? Well, Uniform is School Pride, Mufti looks weird and you could be judged about it. Those are my reason’s why you should wear our School. I hope you agree with me.

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