Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why we should wear uniform By Brooklyn

                           Why We Should Wear Uniform 


 I think that Reremoana school should wear uniform because if we don’t, students would start bullying other classmates because of what they wear, poor people might feel less important when they come to school with cheaper clothes and finally it shows that you have pride in your school when you wear your uniform properly. Plus wearing uniform allows you to have mufti fundraisers and the money you are giving goes to a good cause.

Firstly, wearing a uniform can stop bullying. You may have something in your closet that you think is really cool, but when you wear it to school others may have different opinions. This can lead to bullying teasing and name calling. But in the end we can avoid all this by wearing uniform because everyone will be wearing the same thing and it’s less expensive because you don’t have to pay for a new outfit every day. At Reremoana there is very little bullying, if any at all, but I think if we changed into a mufti school there would be teasing and name calling like Pink Shirt Boy.

Secondly, poor kids might feel less important when they come to school with cheaper clothes. Imagine if you were in the less fortune shoes (if they have shoes) You wear walking to school in hand-me-down pants and a ripped shirt. Then at school you get bullied for not dressing properly. How would you feel? But when we wear school uniform everyone is wearing the same uniform, so it saves money and stops teasing of the less fortunate.

Thirdly, wearing uniform shows you have pride in your school. Why should we attend school if we don’t have pride in it? That is the question I am asking you when you say that you want to wear mufti. To have pride in your school is very important because it shows you want to be there and if you want to be there it makes school a whole lot funner. If you have pride in your school you can be picked for multiple leader roles.

 Last but not least, wearing uniform not only shows you have pride in your school but helps you when you get lost. When you go to a sports day or event we were uniform. Students may think this is a silly idea but it's actually good. If you get lost or left behind people just have look at your logo to know where you came from. If you are in a building and it catches fire how are you supposed to get out? There will be kids running around in mufti everywhere and nobody will know where to go.

 In conclusion I think that Reremoana School should wear uniform because it can prevent bullying, poor kids will not feel less important, it show’s you have pride in your school and lastly it helps you when you get lost. So please help me to argue for what we all know is right.

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