Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Why we should wear our school uniform

Our students should all wear our uniforms because it shows pride in our school. It also helps when we’re at a sport event. It would be easier for people to pick us out. It shows that we respect our school. Also if people wear mufti some might be bullied because people might have terrible looking clothing. And some people with expensive uniform would get dirty or get holes in them. It's also pretty easy to find them in the morning.

Firstly schools should wear uniform because it shows that they have pride and respect in their school. Pride and respect are important in life like when you're a businessman and working with a group it’s good to show some respect by wearing a suit instead of shorts and a normal t shirt. And if you’re on a field trip or sports program it would be easy for the parents or teachers to tell which school you are.

Also if people wear mufti some people might get bullied easily. Or someone might feel lower then the other person because on persons wearing Nike and the other guys wearing Adidas. Bullying is dangerous and some people might be real embarrassed if they get bullied in front of a crowd of people. Also if someones wearing really expensive clothes from a fancy place. There clothes might get all muddy in the winter when we’re doing PE.

Finally it’s just easy to find in the morning when you’re about to get dressed. It’s unique and the pe uniforms bright orange on the sleeves so it would be easy to find them. It also shows that we have pride and love our school. So that's why I think we should wear our school uniform instead of mufti.

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