Sunday, 12 February 2017

why we should not wear uniform

Who wants to look the same as the person next to you or maybe the person next to him. Who wants to look the same as the entire school, not me school uniforms restrict our pride and individuality.are school has no diverse look of colours and finally it will reduce to cost of having to pay for the whole uniform and won't increase bullying. First Each student is different but how can we tell if we all look the same. Some students like bright vibrant colours like pink yellow blue or green. Most will wear white but it will be easier to understand what people are like how they think. It will be much i9oeasier for new students to make friends knowing who's the friendliest. Most people still believe that mufti causes the main source of bullying so eliminating the whole outfit idea would stop bullying but that's not true. The university of Otago did a study which indicates the 98 percent of bullying is not because of the clothes students wear even if it's mufti or uniform. So it's a lie that most bullying is caused from mufti clothes students wear. Who the knows cost of student uniforms. $200 for the whole uniform then you have the p.e uniform extra $50 and this is on top of all the stationary then halfway thru the year you can buy a jumper for even more money. But how much does a t-shirt cost $10-15 way less than the uniform? And in addition no one can steal it and get away with it because hardly anything is the same so what do you choose $50 or $300 So what do you choose the costly undiverse bullying uniform or the colourful safe personality drove cheap mufti? I would most definitely choose mufti so what did you choose

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