Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why I think we should wear school uniform

Why we should wear school uniform to school everyday

Pride :
You should be happy and proud that you are wearing you school uniform
So today I will be explaining to you why you should wear school uniform to school everyday

Firstly a school uniform is something you should be proud of
Coming to school everyday with a positive attitude and wear your school uniform and badges with pride. By coming to school with a clean and neat school uniform.
What if one day you go to a event like athletics day and someone is seeing how good our school is working as a team and what if they want to come to this school but since you are not wearing your school uniform no one is going to know what school you go to,But when you wear our school sports uniform we can promote our school.

What if you get lost:
Imagine that you were going on a school trip and you got lost you would be wearing mufti and know one would be able to help you find your school again they would just think you are going for a nice stroll. Now Imagine that you are going on a school trip and you are wearing your school uniform and you are lost,someone would find you and help you find your school.

Bullying:When you are wearing mufti everyday someone might not like your shirt and then they might call you ugly shirt of pink shirt but when you are wearing uniform you all look the same and you won’t be bullied about what you wear.

Fundraising and Money: If we wear mufti i at school every day we won’t be able to fundraise for mufti days because we are already wearing mufti. The school won’t be able to fundraise to help charities and the school.

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By Riley

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