Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why all kids should wear a school uniform

Why all schools should wear uniforms
All kids should wear a school uniform because it makes the respect the school, it costs too much money to wear mufti all the time and it makes people feel like anyone can pick on them for what they wear. It is also good to wear a uniform because when you go out of the school people will recognise what school you are from. I know that all kids should wear school uniforms.

Firstly why kids should wear a uniform is because it makes them respect the school and the rules. If they didn’t wear school uniforms they would think they could just wear whatever they want and they could also wear inappropriate things that might offend some people or it could disrespect some religions.

If kids don’t wear a uniform or a sports uniform then their expensive clothes could get wrecked because we do so much sport. Their parents would get really mad and they would have to go and get new clothes for them to wear. If they wear cultural things some people might think it is weird what they are wearing and tease them and the person that is getting teases will feel very bad because someone is making fun of their cultural. The kids that get teased will tell their parents and they will get SUPER DUPER VERY MAD. Those parents will talk to the school.

Lastly, if kids don’t wear a uniform they could wear inappropriate 
Clothes the would show things. There are very different types of clothing but some are very inappropriate. People kid see kids wearing inappropriate and they wouldn’t send their kids to our school. We want heaps of kids to attend Reremoana school.

All kids in every school should wear a school uniform because it makes them have pride in the school and also they could keep their expensive clothes or cultural clothes from getting wrecked. They called also wear appropriate clothing that is not for year 1-8. So make sure your school has a school uniform.

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