Thursday, 16 February 2017

We should wear school uniform l Ronan

Why we should wear school uniform ‘I wanna wear mufti’ ‘ Why can’t we wear mufti!’.We’ve all wanted this and wanted to wear mufti everyday But today, I am going to tell you why we should stick with our school uniform and why we shouldn’t make the bad choice of moving to mufti.

 Firstly, you are representing your school. Wearing your school uniform shows people where you are from and can recognize that you are proud of where you are from.

 Secondly, people can be teased. People can be made fun of because of what they are wearing. People can be wearing stupid-looking or childish clothes and which other people can make fun of and can turn into bullying, and there could be a bullying problem in the school, just over clothes. Also, friends may become foes because of what they are wearing.

 Lastly, it can just look weird. When school ends, and you see 450 people wearing blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink and you just think ‘Hmm, Weird’. But With uniform, everything will look neat, and probably look much better in a drone picture.

 So have I convinced you? Have I showed you why we wear uniform and not mufti?. Anyway those are my 3 reasons why we should stick with our uniform and not mufti. You can be teased, it is representing your school and mufti can look a bit silly. I hope you agree with the better choice.

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