Thursday, 16 February 2017


Caleb- Why we should not wear uniforms at school by Caleb
 Uniforms are expensive
 Uniforms are uncomfortable
 If you have your own clothes you can express yourself better. I believe students should be able to wear whatever they want because they are expensive and they are uncomfortable. If you think that if people will tease other people because of their own clothes, bullying still happens even when we have uniforms. -Uniforms are expensive. I think that everyone should be able to get their own clothes because some people can’t afford just the normal shirts which are necessary, for 25 dollars, plus a Sports Shirt, which you need for Field days (21.00$), and probably a Polar Fleece which is another 40 dollars. In total that is 85 dollars for a school uniform. From the warehouse, A normal shirt would be 10 dollars, dri-fit shirt 20 dollars, and jacket/fleece 20 dollars. In total 50 dollars. A 35 dollar difference. -Uniforms are uncomfortable. School uniforms, for whatever reason, are often made of uncomfortable materials which students don’t like. So it is reasonable to argue that if school children were allowed to pick their own clothes, then they would learn better because they feel more comfortable. Kids should be allowed to show their individuality in schools. I for one think that it would be boring having to dress the same as everyone else. I’m sure that most kids would agree with me that having to wear uniforms is boring. Imagine if you were new to the school. If everyone was dressed in the same uniform, it would be hard to make new friends just based on their hair, or if they wanted to be friends with you (which about 2 people will do). I hope I have persuaded enough that you would now be on my side and want the school to remove uniforms.

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