Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Uniforms aren’t important!

Mum where is my uniform? I bet you have had this problem sometime in your school years and have been stressed about getting your uniform washed and ready for the next day. I believe that uniforms aren’t important and I am going to tell you why. Think about washing, the money you waste and the freedom you can’t have.

My first point is that they get dirty so fast and you have to do more washing. I know most people will say the same thing about wearing mufti but I bet you don’t think about how many times a week you wash your uniforms. Every day you wear the same clothes and they get sweaty and smelly, so you wash them. We do fitness every day and most of us sweat like pigs. Say you don’t  wash it every day and wear the same clothes for fitness, you smell before you even start running! With wearing mufti you have many different clothes so you don’t have to wash anything till the weekend and it will be all in one load.

My Second point is freedom. With a uniform, you have to wear a certain style of clothing, not in your choice of colour or your choice of patterns/fabric. If you had mufti you would have a choice of what you wear. You can express yourself and show people who you really are on the inside. Many schools wear mufti and most of the kids are happier. They get to wear comfortable clothes and get to enjoy wearing the colours that they like. I personally think our school uniform is not comfortable and every morning I get changed and that is a waste of uniforms. Colour is everything these days and most uniforms are plain and dull. If we wore mufti we would be able to wear rainbow colours and there would be no need for boring uniforms.


Last but not least, Money. We all know how expensive uniforms are and I just don’t think it is right! Every year most people have to buy a new uniform simply because their old ones don’t fit or have been ruined. The shirts alone can cost up to $60 dollars and that’s only shirts. You still have to buy pants, Jumpers, P.E gear and hats. If we wore mufti we would only have to spend a few dollars on a shirt at Kmart. Mufti is much cheaper and more comfortable. In my first point, I talked about how much washing you would have to do with uniforms. Every time you use the washing machine you spend at least $20 dollars depending on what type of washing machine you own.
You're just burning money!

In conclusion, I think we all are over reacting to the uniform thing. People are spending way too much money on uniforms and spending way too time much on washing. People Like having a choice. Think about how much happier people would be if they got to wear what they like. Obviously, there would be rules like no gang patches or rude statements but at least we would get to express ourselves. I know more people would agree with me to not have school uniforms than to have them. This writing piece is nearly over but let me just say I hope you have chosen the right choice to pick Non - Uniforms!

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