Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Uniforms are worth it!

Image result for Reremoana school new logoMum, what am I gonna wear today? I bet you have had this problem before sometime in your school years. Haven't you rushed trying to wash your children's clothes for the next day? That is why I believe that we should have school uniforms and these are my reasons why you should buy your child a uniform.

My first point is that people should show pride in their school and wear nice uniforms that have a logo. People need to look neat and tidy because when they're on their way book from school people will drive past and see that they have a really messy school and they won’t suggest that to other people they know, and if they have a uniform people will suggest it.

Image result for money clipartMy second point is If schools didn’t have uniforms parents will be buying clothes every day for their children and that would be really expensive. If schools did have uniforms you would only have to buy them once and there not that expensive and you would only have to buy them once, and no one would have to rush around finding other clothes to wear for the next day.

My third reason is sometimes little kids get lost on the way to school and they don’t know their school name so if they didn’t have a uniform they wouldn’t know where to take them and if they did have a uniform the person will know where to take them because of the school logo on the uniform.

Image result for prideSo remember why you should wear a uniform one because you should wear it with pride second the way it look and lastly it would be way to expensive so those are my reasons why you should wear a school uniform.

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