Thursday, 16 February 2017

Uniforms are a waste of time

I know that people always waste their time buying and sorting out the uniforms, and that's why I believe that our school should be able to choose our own clothes.

Everyday I see kids running around sweating and getting dirty that's when I thought why do we even have uniform. I know that when you wear uniform at school to show your pride but what I don't get is when are we going to stop everything about the big fuss it is about showing that you are smart but it really doesn’t. When someone gets dirty or wet that day they have to quickly wash it that day and rush through the laundry and what happens if you don't have it.

Lots of terms we always have new uniform or hats and thats great its just that our parents have to work harder and longer to buy us new uniform so that we don't have to get in trouble. I know that you wear it with pride but seriously we don't need to go and buy more and more uniform just for 5 days a week and in that we have 6 hours to wear them anyways and some people don't even feel comfortable in wearing what they have to wear. Kids hate being forced to do things and uniform is one of them. I think that we should have freedom.

I get sick of wasting my time changing out of my uniform and back into my own choice of clothes. We always have to keep our uniform clean and we can't keep doing that if after school we stay in our uniform and get it dirty. I don't always stay in my uniform but I normally choose to change but what is really annoying is that we waste more than enough time to change then do your homework plus your chores we have more than enough things to do at home. If we had mufti at school we could just head home and start what we need to get done.

It is not hard to change the rule so together we can make that happen.

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