Thursday, 16 February 2017

My 2016-17 School Holidays - Ishaan

My 2016-17 school holidays

On my last day of school, I said my goodbyes because I was moving to a new house. When I had said bye to all of my friends and teachers, I went back home to start buying things for Christmas.
We went to the Warehouse to buy presents for my cousins and my mum bought them some pjs. She also bought some duvet cover sets for my aunties and grandma. When we started wrapping the presents, I was the one that had to always cut the tape. After, we had finished wrapping the presents, we put them under the Christmas tree. We started to buy snacks for the Christmas party, it was ‘bring a plate’ party. The day before Christmas I helped my aunties and grandma including my mum make some puri. Puri is similar to roti but it is fried in gee and it is more thinner  

When the Christmas day was finally here, we all went to church and the Sunday school had to do a drama about the birth of Jesus. After church we went back home to set up the living room and the outdoor area for the party. When everyone started coming we all had dinner then started to open our presents. I got a pair of headphones from my auntie and some cool clothes from my other aunties.
My grandma made an awesome trifle and my auntie brought some chocolate truffles and they tasted amazing. My other auntie brought some strawberry cupcakes and they tasted amazing as well. After Christmas we went to my parents and grandma baptism at Eastern beach. I played soccer with my friends and the adults, there also was a massive catering and we had to make our own burgers. The next day we started packing for our new house. First we had to find lots of boxes to pack our things in. My dad bought 10 boxes from a storage company. Then my mum told him that he shouldn't have bought them because we could have went to Briscoes to get free ones, and that was what we did.
After packing everything we hired a 5 tonne truck, the company had one but the tail lift wasn't working so we got a smaller one. Once we reached at our new house we unpacked and settled in and started planning for the new school.


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