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For certain schools, it is important that students wear a school uniform in order to maintain balance and order among the students. School uniforms help to eliminate bullying due to the fact that everyone is dressed the same and children cannot be teased for wearing something unusual or different.Reasons why wearing a proper uniform is important.According to Wikipedia uniform means a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity.People generally wearing uniforms are armed forces,police,emergency services,school and workplaces.


My 2016-17 School Holidays - Ishaan

My 2016-17 school holidays

On my last day of school, I said my goodbyes because I was moving to a new house. When I had said bye to all of my friends and teachers, I went back home to start buying things for Christmas.
We went to the Warehouse to buy presents for my cousins and my mum bought them some pjs. She also bought some duvet cover sets for my aunties and grandma. When we started wrapping the presents, I was the one that had to always cut the tape. After, we had finished wrapping the presents, we put them under the Christmas tree. We started to buy snacks for the Christmas party, it was ‘bring a plate’ party. The day before Christmas I helped my aunties and grandma including my mum make some puri. Puri is similar to roti but it is fried in gee and it is more thinner  

When the Christmas day was finally here, we all went to church and the Sunday school had to do a drama about the birth of Jesus. After church we went back home to set up the living room and the outdoor area for the party. When everyone started coming we all had dinner then started to open our presents. I got a pair of headphones from my auntie and some cool clothes from my other aunties.
My grandma made an awesome trifle and my auntie brought some chocolate truffles and they tasted amazing. My other auntie brought some strawberry cupcakes and they tasted amazing as well. After Christmas we went to my parents and grandma baptism at Eastern beach. I played soccer with my friends and the adults, there also was a massive catering and we had to make our own burgers. The next day we started packing for our new house. First we had to find lots of boxes to pack our things in. My dad bought 10 boxes from a storage company. Then my mum told him that he shouldn't have bought them because we could have went to Briscoes to get free ones, and that was what we did.
After packing everything we hired a 5 tonne truck, the company had one but the tail lift wasn't working so we got a smaller one. Once we reached at our new house we unpacked and settled in and started planning for the new school.


Why uniforms should be compulsory at all schools!!

So, uniforms should be compulsory at all schools because, if we go on field trips or field days or we just go out of the school teachers can identify who is in the school and who isn’t. When you wake up in the morning, It will be easy to identify in your closet or wherever you leave it and it represents our school.

Firstly going on field trips will be much easier if  all students had school uniforms because if one or more students got lost the teachers or parents could find them easily because most uniforms are unique.

Secondly it would be easier to find in the morning. Imagine thinking about  what to wear for half an hour and then, out of nowhere you have 5 minutes to get to school like it would be really hard to choose. But if we all had school uniforms then it would take Two minutes to find it and put it on. Easy.

Thirdly, It shows that we take pride in our school. Some schools don’t take pride in their schools or the school council or maybe the principal can just not be bothered making/ designing a school uniform for the school.

So have you been convinced? So Firstly going on field trips would be much easier, Secondly it would be really really easy to find in the morning when you wake up because it’s unique and Thirdly it shows that we take pride in our school.

BY Rittivong

Why I think we should wear school uniform

Why we should wear school uniform to school everyday

Pride :
You should be happy and proud that you are wearing you school uniform
So today I will be explaining to you why you should wear school uniform to school everyday

Firstly a school uniform is something you should be proud of
Coming to school everyday with a positive attitude and wear your school uniform and badges with pride. By coming to school with a clean and neat school uniform.
What if one day you go to a event like athletics day and someone is seeing how good our school is working as a team and what if they want to come to this school but since you are not wearing your school uniform no one is going to know what school you go to,But when you wear our school sports uniform we can promote our school.

What if you get lost:
Imagine that you were going on a school trip and you got lost you would be wearing mufti and know one would be able to help you find your school again they would just think you are going for a nice stroll. Now Imagine that you are going on a school trip and you are wearing your school uniform and you are lost,someone would find you and help you find your school.

Bullying:When you are wearing mufti everyday someone might not like your shirt and then they might call you ugly shirt of pink shirt but when you are wearing uniform you all look the same and you won’t be bullied about what you wear.

Fundraising and Money: If we wear mufti i at school every day we won’t be able to fundraise for mufti days because we are already wearing mufti. The school won’t be able to fundraise to help charities and the school.

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By Riley

No More Uniforms!!!

“Guys where is my old uniform gone?”I believe that you put it somewhere.No I didn’t,”then what happened with your uniform disappearing.”How would I know”,and that’s why I’m going to talk to you about why we shouldn’t wear school uniform.

School uniform is just a waste of time because you have to wear your uniform just for school and have to change every now and then before and after school and it’s really annoying.That’s why it’s better to wear your own normal clothes to school so it’s much more comfortable and efficient to wear.

Wearing uniform is just like wearing heavy clothes to a cold place and some of the parents can’t even afford any uniform because they don’t have enough money buy them for there kids.School uniform is way to expensive to buy and even if we do have to wear uniform we are only wearing it for 5 days a week and 6 hours a day at school which is just a waste of time and money.

When wearing uniform at school us kids can’t keep clean and tidy. Eg: my cousins they can never keep their uniform clean or even keeping it tidy and so they get in trouble a lot.Also uniform is sometimes not that nice to wear cause some uniform are not good looking and are terrible because they are too long or to short and get’s ripped really easy and that’s when we have to buy new pairs of uniform.

Why we should wear uniform By Brooklyn

                           Why We Should Wear Uniform 


 I think that Reremoana school should wear uniform because if we don’t, students would start bullying other classmates because of what they wear, poor people might feel less important when they come to school with cheaper clothes and finally it shows that you have pride in your school when you wear your uniform properly. Plus wearing uniform allows you to have mufti fundraisers and the money you are giving goes to a good cause.

Firstly, wearing a uniform can stop bullying. You may have something in your closet that you think is really cool, but when you wear it to school others may have different opinions. This can lead to bullying teasing and name calling. But in the end we can avoid all this by wearing uniform because everyone will be wearing the same thing and it’s less expensive because you don’t have to pay for a new outfit every day. At Reremoana there is very little bullying, if any at all, but I think if we changed into a mufti school there would be teasing and name calling like Pink Shirt Boy.

Secondly, poor kids might feel less important when they come to school with cheaper clothes. Imagine if you were in the less fortune shoes (if they have shoes) You wear walking to school in hand-me-down pants and a ripped shirt. Then at school you get bullied for not dressing properly. How would you feel? But when we wear school uniform everyone is wearing the same uniform, so it saves money and stops teasing of the less fortunate.

Thirdly, wearing uniform shows you have pride in your school. Why should we attend school if we don’t have pride in it? That is the question I am asking you when you say that you want to wear mufti. To have pride in your school is very important because it shows you want to be there and if you want to be there it makes school a whole lot funner. If you have pride in your school you can be picked for multiple leader roles.

 Last but not least, wearing uniform not only shows you have pride in your school but helps you when you get lost. When you go to a sports day or event we were uniform. Students may think this is a silly idea but it's actually good. If you get lost or left behind people just have look at your logo to know where you came from. If you are in a building and it catches fire how are you supposed to get out? There will be kids running around in mufti everywhere and nobody will know where to go.

 In conclusion I think that Reremoana School should wear uniform because it can prevent bullying, poor kids will not feel less important, it show’s you have pride in your school and lastly it helps you when you get lost. So please help me to argue for what we all know is right.
Uniforms are a waste of time

I know that people always waste their time buying and sorting out the uniforms, and that's why I believe that our school should be able to choose our own clothes.

Everyday I see kids running around sweating and getting dirty that's when I thought why do we even have uniform. I know that when you wear uniform at school to show your pride but what I don't get is when are we going to stop everything about the big fuss it is about showing that you are smart but it really doesn’t. When someone gets dirty or wet that day they have to quickly wash it that day and rush through the laundry and what happens if you don't have it.

Lots of terms we always have new uniform or hats and thats great its just that our parents have to work harder and longer to buy us new uniform so that we don't have to get in trouble. I know that you wear it with pride but seriously we don't need to go and buy more and more uniform just for 5 days a week and in that we have 6 hours to wear them anyways and some people don't even feel comfortable in wearing what they have to wear. Kids hate being forced to do things and uniform is one of them. I think that we should have freedom.

I get sick of wasting my time changing out of my uniform and back into my own choice of clothes. We always have to keep our uniform clean and we can't keep doing that if after school we stay in our uniform and get it dirty. I don't always stay in my uniform but I normally choose to change but what is really annoying is that we waste more than enough time to change then do your homework plus your chores we have more than enough things to do at home. If we had mufti at school we could just head home and start what we need to get done.

It is not hard to change the rule so together we can make that happen.

Why We Should Wear Our Uniform. By Chloe

Why we should wear our uniform.
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Why don’t you love your uniform is is to bold? Is it to boring? Maybe it’s to itchy? If you said any of those you are wrong. Hi I’m here to tell you are wrong, because our uniform is the best! Here are my 3 points.

When you wear your uniform you are supporting your school. It may not seem like it but you are. Every time you wear your uniform you’re wearing it like its prison robes, but you guys should really enjoy your uniform it’s so cool!! If you want to support our school the uniform is the best choice, how are you supposed to support the school when the only thing with Reremoana written on it is your uniform.

If we didn’t have uniform you would be worrying about what to wear and when you need it washed or not. But with our uniform you don’t have to worry about what to wear because your only have one uniform plus no one worries if their uniform is ugly or they wear it the wrong way. If you wake up early in the morning and worry that your uniform is either ugly or you’re wearing wrong who cares your uniform was the school’s idea so it does not matter you don’t have to worry at all.

When you wear your own clothes that’s when conflict starts to happen. You guys should really enjoy your uniform because if you wore different clothes their would be constant bullying about who’s clothes are better or uglier. Many kids in different clothes create many problems and bullying, but when people wear school uniforms no one gets bullied because their shirt is too big or too small.

That’s why everyone should love their uniform because it’s helping support your school, it’s not needing to worry about what you’re wearing, it’s making many kids happy because they aren’t being bullied for wearing an ugly top. Thanks for listening and I hope you thought twice about your uniform.

Why we shouldn't wear school uniform!

Why I think Reremoana shouldn't wear school uniform. Do you really want to look the same for your entire school years? Well I don't and when you've finest reading this I think you will have second thoughts about wearing uniform.

Some uniforms can be quite itchy or uncomfortable were mufti it's totally up to you on what is comfortable for you. Also when you pick what you want to wear it’s up to your likings of what you want to look like, some people probably don't like mufti because they're proud of their own uniforms so ya I am proud of my school uniform but Ilv had uniforms for ages so I thought we could change that.

Most people don’t like uniforms because of bullying but that's not there fault its the schools we should have schools that are caring not mean pulse we have mufti days and I don’t think we have had any bullying. This school is a loving school and I know that because i've been here for 8 years.

Uniforms are quite expensive to buy from the uniform shop plus school fees plus any sport tournaments or anything else.Everyone should have mufti and if they don't how are they going to afford uniforms if they can't afford mufti?( I wouldn't want to be in a uniform my whole life!)So what i'm basically saying is that Money should be used on food and things that will keep you in the earth of living not uniforms.

Now my favorite part of mufti is style, you can dress up how ever you want you can dress up like a princess or just however you're feeling.You can expres your selve basicly...Maybe you're a type person who likes to dress like twines with someone or just like your own different unique way.

And that is why you should wear mufti to school because it rocks and there are only a few school with school uniforms so what does that tell you??Hopefully I have persuaded you to wear mufti and not ugly uncomfortable uniforms.

Why we Should wear Uniform --- By Richard

Why We Should Wear School Uniform

“Why Can’t we Where Mufti!”
We’ve all been there. Wanting to wear Mufti to School. But we really Should have to wear Uniform. And Today, I’m going to tell you why we should where our Uniform to School.

Firstly, you are Representing your School. Wearing Uniform is School Pride. People know what school you are from, and that your proud of it. Buying Uniform is Supporting your school! There are Multiple Uniforms at some schools, so you have a choice

Secondly, you might be teased or judged of the Mufti you wear. You are probably thinking ‘What, you’re crazy!’ But there are Nasty people out their that can tease you of your clothes. These could be your friends and you might become your enemies! With Uniform, we are all wearing basically the same, so teasing can’t happen.

My last reason is that, Doesn’t it look Silly when 500 or more people are walking out of School in Mufti. Lookig at all that Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, etc just doesn’t look right. Don’t you think when 500 kids are walking out of school, you look at them weird, or think, ‘That ain’t right’?

So, do you agree with me? Do you now think we should wear our School Uniform? Well, Uniform is School Pride, Mufti looks weird and you could be judged about it. Those are my reason’s why you should wear our School. I hope you agree with me.

Why we shouldn't were school uniform Alex

School uniform no one really sees’s it and it costs 100$ when you could just wear clothes that you already have stored away in your drawers.

But most of all who likes T-shirts and shorts that fade and scratch you when you could be using other clothes that don’t fade, Scratch or cost as much and who likes it when you have to change clothes twice a day when they could just come in clothes ready for the whole day, and instead of having to wear specific socks why can't we have bright red to be visible if loss and that concludes why we should be able to wear mufti

We should wear school uniform l Ronan

Why we should wear school uniform ‘I wanna wear mufti’ ‘ Why can’t we wear mufti!’.We’ve all wanted this and wanted to wear mufti everyday But today, I am going to tell you why we should stick with our school uniform and why we shouldn’t make the bad choice of moving to mufti.

 Firstly, you are representing your school. Wearing your school uniform shows people where you are from and can recognize that you are proud of where you are from.

 Secondly, people can be teased. People can be made fun of because of what they are wearing. People can be wearing stupid-looking or childish clothes and which other people can make fun of and can turn into bullying, and there could be a bullying problem in the school, just over clothes. Also, friends may become foes because of what they are wearing.

 Lastly, it can just look weird. When school ends, and you see 450 people wearing blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink and you just think ‘Hmm, Weird’. But With uniform, everything will look neat, and probably look much better in a drone picture.

 So have I convinced you? Have I showed you why we wear uniform and not mufti?. Anyway those are my 3 reasons why we should stick with our uniform and not mufti. You can be teased, it is representing your school and mufti can look a bit silly. I hope you agree with the better choice.


Caleb- Why we should not wear uniforms at school by Caleb
 Uniforms are expensive
 Uniforms are uncomfortable
 If you have your own clothes you can express yourself better. I believe students should be able to wear whatever they want because they are expensive and they are uncomfortable. If you think that if people will tease other people because of their own clothes, bullying still happens even when we have uniforms. -Uniforms are expensive. I think that everyone should be able to get their own clothes because some people can’t afford just the normal shirts which are necessary, for 25 dollars, plus a Sports Shirt, which you need for Field days (21.00$), and probably a Polar Fleece which is another 40 dollars. In total that is 85 dollars for a school uniform. From the warehouse, A normal shirt would be 10 dollars, dri-fit shirt 20 dollars, and jacket/fleece 20 dollars. In total 50 dollars. A 35 dollar difference. -Uniforms are uncomfortable. School uniforms, for whatever reason, are often made of uncomfortable materials which students don’t like. So it is reasonable to argue that if school children were allowed to pick their own clothes, then they would learn better because they feel more comfortable. Kids should be allowed to show their individuality in schools. I for one think that it would be boring having to dress the same as everyone else. I’m sure that most kids would agree with me that having to wear uniforms is boring. Imagine if you were new to the school. If everyone was dressed in the same uniform, it would be hard to make new friends just based on their hair, or if they wanted to be friends with you (which about 2 people will do). I hope I have persuaded enough that you would now be on my side and want the school to remove uniforms.

Why we should wear school uniform to school

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When you go to school, you are meant to come in your school uniform and, show it with pride. Well some students don’t want to do that but, I would say you should. That’s why today I am going to tell you why we should wear school uniform to school.

When you are wearing school uniform it is that bad at all because, when you wear your school uniform you are mainly representing your school and community around you and, you are also wearing it with pride. Also when you are on field trips you should wear your school uniform as well because, you are still representing your school and community to other schools around you.
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My second idea on why we should wear school uniform to school is that there will be no bullying on what kids will wear because, some kids are poor and when the school doesn’t have a school uniform, they wear mufti but people will laugh at them because, they will come to school with cloths that have holes in them or the clothes might be really dirty and scruffy. Plus, they might not even want to go to school anymore because how they look.

My very last reason why we should wear school uniform to school is that, it will be a lot easy on school trips to find lost kids because, they will all be wearing the same uniform.  Why I think that this is a good reason is that if the kids were wearing mufti, it would be harder for the teacher because, everyone else that is visiting the place, would be wearing muffit. So trying to remember what the child wore would be hard.

So in conclusion, I personally think that we should wear school uniform to school because, it will represent our school/community, there will be no bullies on what people wear and last but not least, it will be easy to find lost children on field trips rather than mufti were it will be harder to find them.
Why we should wear our uniform at school.
When you come to school you are supposed to learn and show pride to your school, and showing pride to your school is wearing your uniform. When you wear your uniform you show pride to your school, when you go on a sports day you show pride you your school. Lastly you should wear your uniform we properly.

When you make it in a sports team, you are expected to wear your uniform with pride because you are representing your school at the sports day you go to. If you don’t wear your uniform you will just be representing yourself not the school.

When you come to school you are expected to wear your uniform because it gives you sinces of personality and it shows everybody who you are and that you care about about your school by wearing your uniform properly. If you don't wear your uniform there will be fights about who has the better clothes and who’s clothes are the most expensive.

Screenshot 2017-02-13 at 8.39.54 AM.pngIf you didn’t want to wear your uniform then we can still have at least a mufti day a term and by doing that the school can still get some money form the mufti day and every other day of the term the students can wear their uniform.

By wearing your uniform to school you first off all show pride to your school, you have a sense of personality and it doesn’t matter what you look like because all of the other students will be wearing the same uniform you are, and lastly you can still wear mufti for school on a mufti day. So come on guys wear your uniform.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why we should wear a school uniform
Hey guys you all should be wearing a school uniform if you don't then who is going to know what school you go to a sport day that is why you have to wear a school uniform. If you wear whatever you want that means that if you wear the same thing over again you will get tased But when you wear a school uniform

Image result for money emoji face transparent hdThe school has cheap clothing but if you were wearing mufti you would be paying lots of money. The school has lots of things like caps sports tops beanie and more the ONLY expensive thing is the hoodie it is $70,00 but it is worth it and it keeps you warm. hoodie2

This school has so many sport days and we should wear a uniform i hope all of this has convinced you should wear a uniform       

Uniforms aren’t important!

Mum where is my uniform? I bet you have had this problem sometime in your school years and have been stressed about getting your uniform washed and ready for the next day. I believe that uniforms aren’t important and I am going to tell you why. Think about washing, the money you waste and the freedom you can’t have.

My first point is that they get dirty so fast and you have to do more washing. I know most people will say the same thing about wearing mufti but I bet you don’t think about how many times a week you wash your uniforms. Every day you wear the same clothes and they get sweaty and smelly, so you wash them. We do fitness every day and most of us sweat like pigs. Say you don’t  wash it every day and wear the same clothes for fitness, you smell before you even start running! With wearing mufti you have many different clothes so you don’t have to wash anything till the weekend and it will be all in one load.

My Second point is freedom. With a uniform, you have to wear a certain style of clothing, not in your choice of colour or your choice of patterns/fabric. If you had mufti you would have a choice of what you wear. You can express yourself and show people who you really are on the inside. Many schools wear mufti and most of the kids are happier. They get to wear comfortable clothes and get to enjoy wearing the colours that they like. I personally think our school uniform is not comfortable and every morning I get changed and that is a waste of uniforms. Colour is everything these days and most uniforms are plain and dull. If we wore mufti we would be able to wear rainbow colours and there would be no need for boring uniforms.


Last but not least, Money. We all know how expensive uniforms are and I just don’t think it is right! Every year most people have to buy a new uniform simply because their old ones don’t fit or have been ruined. The shirts alone can cost up to $60 dollars and that’s only shirts. You still have to buy pants, Jumpers, P.E gear and hats. If we wore mufti we would only have to spend a few dollars on a shirt at Kmart. Mufti is much cheaper and more comfortable. In my first point, I talked about how much washing you would have to do with uniforms. Every time you use the washing machine you spend at least $20 dollars depending on what type of washing machine you own.
You're just burning money!

In conclusion, I think we all are over reacting to the uniform thing. People are spending way too much money on uniforms and spending way too time much on washing. People Like having a choice. Think about how much happier people would be if they got to wear what they like. Obviously, there would be rules like no gang patches or rude statements but at least we would get to express ourselves. I know more people would agree with me to not have school uniforms than to have them. This writing piece is nearly over but let me just say I hope you have chosen the right choice to pick Non - Uniforms!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Why we should wear our school uniform

Our students should all wear our uniforms because it shows pride in our school. It also helps when we’re at a sport event. It would be easier for people to pick us out. It shows that we respect our school. Also if people wear mufti some might be bullied because people might have terrible looking clothing. And some people with expensive uniform would get dirty or get holes in them. It's also pretty easy to find them in the morning.

Firstly schools should wear uniform because it shows that they have pride and respect in their school. Pride and respect are important in life like when you're a businessman and working with a group it’s good to show some respect by wearing a suit instead of shorts and a normal t shirt. And if you’re on a field trip or sports program it would be easy for the parents or teachers to tell which school you are.

Also if people wear mufti some people might get bullied easily. Or someone might feel lower then the other person because on persons wearing Nike and the other guys wearing Adidas. Bullying is dangerous and some people might be real embarrassed if they get bullied in front of a crowd of people. Also if someones wearing really expensive clothes from a fancy place. There clothes might get all muddy in the winter when we’re doing PE.

Finally it’s just easy to find in the morning when you’re about to get dressed. It’s unique and the pe uniforms bright orange on the sleeves so it would be easy to find them. It also shows that we have pride and love our school. So that's why I think we should wear our school uniform instead of mufti.

All about me

Uniforms are worth it!

Image result for Reremoana school new logoMum, what am I gonna wear today? I bet you have had this problem before sometime in your school years. Haven't you rushed trying to wash your children's clothes for the next day? That is why I believe that we should have school uniforms and these are my reasons why you should buy your child a uniform.

My first point is that people should show pride in their school and wear nice uniforms that have a logo. People need to look neat and tidy because when they're on their way book from school people will drive past and see that they have a really messy school and they won’t suggest that to other people they know, and if they have a uniform people will suggest it.

Image result for money clipartMy second point is If schools didn’t have uniforms parents will be buying clothes every day for their children and that would be really expensive. If schools did have uniforms you would only have to buy them once and there not that expensive and you would only have to buy them once, and no one would have to rush around finding other clothes to wear for the next day.

My third reason is sometimes little kids get lost on the way to school and they don’t know their school name so if they didn’t have a uniform they wouldn’t know where to take them and if they did have a uniform the person will know where to take them because of the school logo on the uniform.

Image result for prideSo remember why you should wear a uniform one because you should wear it with pride second the way it look and lastly it would be way to expensive so those are my reasons why you should wear a school uniform.

Why we shouldn't wear school uniform

Why we shouldn’t wear school uniform

Wearing uniform is an awful thing for most students.  I think that students shouldn’t have to wear uniforms in school because it doesn’t allow individuality.  Also because uniforms are very expensive.  Finally because wearing uniforms takes away your freedom of being yourself.

First of all having to wear school uniforms doesn’t allow you being able to be free with yourself.  Of course it is a very important thing for students. We should be allowed to wear what we like in school.  I think that it would be boring having to dress the same as everyone else.  I’m sure that most people would agree with me that having to wear uniforms is boring.

Second reason is that it shows who you are. Just imagine walking into a school where everyone around you are in uniforms.  You won’t be able to tell what type of person they are because they are all dressed the same as each other.  Wearing uniforms really doesn’t show who you are. You might be able to tell who they are with the way they act but not by the uniform it would be better if we could wear what we like and showing people who we are instead of what we do.

When students have to wear uniforms it’s not only boring to students but also to our parent’s because uniforms are really expensive. Uniforms cost up to about $100 just getting a sports top, shorts, shirts and a cap then there is jumpers and other things on top of that.  If students get them stained or dirty then their parents have to spend more money on uniforms.

Students having to wear school uniforms is not fair.  Students shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms because it doesn’t allow them to feel free and where what they like, uniforms are very expensive. Teachers is it really worth kids having to come to school all looking the same?

Monday, 13 February 2017

why we should wear a uniform

We should wear a uniform because….

Have you ever thought “I wish we could wear mufti”  well think again. imagine you wake up every morning and spending half your time in the morning picking an outfit. We’ll that's why I am here to argue with you why we should wear a school uniform.

Wearing a school uniform shows your pride for the school, it is also a way to advertise the school in public, think about it if you end up going somewhere after school and you are wearing your uniform you are showing everyone the pride you take in school. Some poor people would prefer to wear a uniform because if they wear mufti they will feel they are dressing poorly. When you wear mufti it is too much washing for parents.

When you wear mufti some people will take it too far with what they wear. They can start wearing outfits that may not be suitable for school. Some people just don’t have the money to buy mufti every 1-2 months because they find it easier to buy it every 1-2 years.

Wearing a uniform shows that you take pride and dignity in their school. Some people find it weird to wear the same clothes as others but I think that it just shows you should be proud to be at the school you are in.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

why we should not wear uniform

Who wants to look the same as the person next to you or maybe the person next to him. Who wants to look the same as the entire school, not me school uniforms restrict our pride and individuality.are school has no diverse look of colours and finally it will reduce to cost of having to pay for the whole uniform and won't increase bullying. First Each student is different but how can we tell if we all look the same. Some students like bright vibrant colours like pink yellow blue or green. Most will wear white but it will be easier to understand what people are like how they think. It will be much i9oeasier for new students to make friends knowing who's the friendliest. Most people still believe that mufti causes the main source of bullying so eliminating the whole outfit idea would stop bullying but that's not true. The university of Otago did a study which indicates the 98 percent of bullying is not because of the clothes students wear even if it's mufti or uniform. So it's a lie that most bullying is caused from mufti clothes students wear. Who the knows cost of student uniforms. $200 for the whole uniform then you have the p.e uniform extra $50 and this is on top of all the stationary then halfway thru the year you can buy a jumper for even more money. But how much does a t-shirt cost $10-15 way less than the uniform? And in addition no one can steal it and get away with it because hardly anything is the same so what do you choose $50 or $300 So what do you choose the costly undiverse bullying uniform or the colourful safe personality drove cheap mufti? I would most definitely choose mufti so what did you choose

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Why all kids should wear a school uniform

Why all schools should wear uniforms
All kids should wear a school uniform because it makes the respect the school, it costs too much money to wear mufti all the time and it makes people feel like anyone can pick on them for what they wear. It is also good to wear a uniform because when you go out of the school people will recognise what school you are from. I know that all kids should wear school uniforms.

Firstly why kids should wear a uniform is because it makes them respect the school and the rules. If they didn’t wear school uniforms they would think they could just wear whatever they want and they could also wear inappropriate things that might offend some people or it could disrespect some religions.

If kids don’t wear a uniform or a sports uniform then their expensive clothes could get wrecked because we do so much sport. Their parents would get really mad and they would have to go and get new clothes for them to wear. If they wear cultural things some people might think it is weird what they are wearing and tease them and the person that is getting teases will feel very bad because someone is making fun of their cultural. The kids that get teased will tell their parents and they will get SUPER DUPER VERY MAD. Those parents will talk to the school.

Lastly, if kids don’t wear a uniform they could wear inappropriate 
Clothes the would show things. There are very different types of clothing but some are very inappropriate. People kid see kids wearing inappropriate and they wouldn’t send their kids to our school. We want heaps of kids to attend Reremoana school.

All kids in every school should wear a school uniform because it makes them have pride in the school and also they could keep their expensive clothes or cultural clothes from getting wrecked. They called also wear appropriate clothing that is not for year 1-8. So make sure your school has a school uniform.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

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