Tuesday, 5 December 2017

CAMP 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017- Day 1

6:30 I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I am up and getting ready to leave for school. I had packed my bags the night before so that means that I didn’t have to do it in the morning. We loaded the car and headed to school. When I was at school I kissed my mum goodbye and entered the hall in my class lines. We did a quick check, “drink bottle, hats, lunch” said Mr. Fourie. When everyone had shown Mr. Fourie that they had their drink bottle, hats and handed our baking in, we got into our camp groups. I was in wasted Potential, with Ashley, Ishaan, Scarlet, Rayhaan, Caitlin, Alex, Brooklyn, Charles, Jaime, Ngawini and Jorden. We put our luggage in the bus and went back to the hall. We did a last minute check and loaded the bus. We took a 1 and a ½ hour drive to PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village). We sat on the deck and we were welcomed by the owner of PSYV, Gordon. He was telling us about the do’s and don’ts of the village. When we were finished we got our morning tea and then a little bit of free time to put our stuff in the cabins and have a familiarising of the camp. We were all hungry and had some lunch. Now it was time for Activity rotation no. 1. I was doing Masterchef. We were making french toast. This is how it works. Mrs. Crosbie will ask us a question and whichever team got it right would go get and ingredient. Once we had all our ingredients. We could make a start. We had a competition on who could make the best french toast. Our team was in the lead but we later found out that it doesn’t make a difference as we lost because ours was too salty (cough Charles). Straight after our 1st rotation we moved on to the next activity which was hobo stoves. We got to make pancakes, and they were really good. After that it was time for the waterslide. It was a long big rubber slide going down the hill. I was scared to go down from the top but we started in the middle because that's the camp rules. When we all went down it was time for dinner. On the menu we had spaghetti bolognaise and for dessert we had a choice of a brownie or a custard slice. When we were done with dinner we had a little bit of free time just to get ready for the burma trail. We all lined up in our groups and waited to begin. When it was my turn we made our way in the dark to Mr. Fourie where he blindfolded us. We made our way through the forest through sticks, leaves and branches (and parents). When it was bed time we all got into our sleeping bags and of course there was some chatter.

Wednesday 29th November 2017-Day 2

Day 2 of camp started of with my cabin having a nice loud conversation that woke me up. We started the morning with a morning run, everyone's favourite. After we had run and our legs could barely carry us any further we went inside for breakfast for breakfast we had toast and cereal. After that we started with our first activity rotation. I did rifles. The object was to hit the tin in the distance. Looking at the target it looked easy but I stand corrected.  I only managed to hit the target once. When we were finished with rifles we had some morning tea and then off to rotation 2. This time I was doing rock climbing. I was the first person to go and by halfway I thought my arms were going to fall off. We all cheered our team on as everyone went one by one. We headed to the initiative coarse. Here we had to work as a team to get across beams and it sure was difficult. When we were done we had to go through a number of obstacles. Next we headed over to the confidence course were we completed an obstacle course while being time we had time before to work out everyone's strengths.We then moved up to the top for afternoon tea.  Last but not least we had archery. We had two teams (boys and girls) and by the end of the session we had to get points by popping a balloon. It was really tense at the end because there was a small red balloon and whichever team popped it won, and lucky enough Caitlin shot the winning arrow. We got into our togs and headed over to the waterslide. This time it was from the top I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect. In the end I had a blast and even went for a second go. We headed over and took a shower and got ready for dinner. This time on the menu we had roast beef, roast potatoes and vegetables. We all got ready for the Talent Quest everyone's favourite. As everyone had their laughs it was then time for bed.

Thursday 30th November 2017-Day 3

Same old routine get up get ready morning run. By now I was used to it. We then had breakfast and it was the same as yesterday. We all got ready to go to the amazing SAP (Silverdale Adventure Park). This was something everyone was looking forward to as there were so many amazing rides. There was the vertical bunjee, the luge, the massive flying fox and 3D movies. We had so much fun that time was flying. Although it was fun at the end of the day we were all tired and were ready to head back. We got back and did the waterslide. We then at dinner which was butter chicken. We had some free time while Mr. Fourie and Mr. Munro set up for the Y-games. We had so many different challenges and some really gross ones until it came to an end. We went back to our cabins ready for lights out.

Friday 1st December 2017-Day 4    

Now you're probably thinking same old routine, wrong, this time it was a little different we were woken up to screaming. As we got up we were ambushed by water guns (cough cough Mr. Fourie and Mr. Munro), but I know I should have seen it coming. Although we were all soaking wet the was an upside to this, we had no morning run that meant that we had to do a final tidy up. That meant packing bags and doing our duties. When we were done it was time for the Top Class Event. At first room 5&6 had a big lead but room 7(us) caught up during the confidence course. We were in the lead from there on until archery. Room 8 got a lead and ended up winning. We packed our bags in the bus and said our goodbyes. Mrs. Bailey called Mr. Fourie and Mr. Munro to the middle for a “special Tradition” we all got our drink bottle and poured it on top of them. We then boarded the bus and headed back to school. What an amazing camp experience!!!


Year 7&8 camp 2017

 Year 7 & 8 Camp 2017

28th November
I had so many mixed emotions about leaving for camp. I got out of the car with my bags and saying my last goodbyes to my mum. I put my bags down and found a group of friends. Mr Fourie called everyone inside and all the parents left.

Image result for peter snell youth village logoWe were all doing the roll call and collecting everything that we needed. We got to that point where we were all ready but the bus wasn’t there yet. Once the bus arrived we all took a seat and off we went to camp. On the bus I sat with a couple of friends the bus was nice and quiet because it didn't have as much people as it did last time. We all had some laughs and jokes with some truth or dares. We finally reached the camp and I was actually really excited, we all grabbed our bags and had morning tea. We all got settled in our cabins and I was in cabin 11 with Tayla, Hannah, Hayley and Evie. I was so ready to get started with the camp activities I had rifles for my first activity and i have never done it before and I thought that I would miss a lot. At first I didn’t really get what the instructor was trying to say but I knew what to do once I got up there. I thought that the rifles would be really loud but they were actually pretty quiet. I hit lots of tins but missed a few but I was still happy with how many tins that I got.
After that my team had rock climbing and I thought that the wall would be really high and hards, but it was a small one and didn’t look that challenging. Once it was my turn I thought that I would fly through it but it was actually harder than it looks and most of the rocks were wobbly so if you couldn’t climb you would have to try turn the other rocks around so it would be way easier. We all had a couple of turns the signal went so we all had to go back and finally had dinner.
Everyone said that the dinner at camp would be really good. We all took a seat and Mr Fourie would choose table by table to all go and get their food, but some people on my table just had to open their mouth and argue with Mr Fourie's opinion. So therefore ofc we had to go lucky last once everyone finally got their food we were allowed to get our dinner. We all sat down and we had noodles with bolognese with some coslow. I was so happy to eat but since we were last we had the bottom of the tin so everything was mushed together and all the flour soaked to the bottom. I didn’t really like the dinner on the first night because it had no taste and it was gross. We finally got to the water slide, got in line and waited for our turn. It was a really long line so we waited a long time, finally it was my turn we could only go halfway on the slide because it was camp rules. We had to put our hands on our elbows and keep our legs crossed. Mr Fourie and Mr Munroe would push you down really fast or really slow. Just because my brother was in both of their classes he pushed me really fast. Once everyone had a few goes we all had to get ready for the burma trail, so I got ready and we all had to line up in our activity groups. We all waited and one by one a teacher would choose a group to go and do the burma trail. Once we got chosen we all lined up in front of Mr Fourie and he would wrap half the teams eyes in bandage and half of them got blindfolded. We all had to put one hand on the rop and one hand on the person's shoulder that is in front of you. Our group went in and there were lot’s of screams and even some people crying. It was scary and fun at the same time. Once everyone finished we had milo and a couple cookies and after that it was off to bed.

29 th November
I wasn’t that tired that morning, but we all got ready at around and had to start our morning run. We had to go through the burma trail and up and down the hill twice. Once we were done that we had breakfast, they had cereal and toast for that morning.
My group had the confidence course and I think that there were some obstacles that I didn’t really complete because it was harder than I thought. We all had to do a time trial to see who got the best time out of all of our teams. My team ended up getting 4:24 and to that day we were in the lead. After that we all had morning tea then off to our next activity, we then had the Initiative course and the included a lot of teamwork and thinking
. We weren’t really doing well on most of the activities because some of us were in a bad mood. It was 12:30 and we were all hungry for lunch, we all sat down and ate. For our next activity we had archery and we had to split into two teams so basically we were boys against boys. Our team got heaps of balloons and we ended up winning I was so close from getting a bullseye but didn’t end up getting it.
At 2:45 we had Masterchef and I thought that it would’ve just have been just like food technology. But to get our ingredients we had to answer a few questions and for that to happen we had to split onto two teams so we just used our same teams. We finally got our ingredients so we had to just figure out how to make it on our own. We started to cook and I thought that it was a bit too easy but then Mrs Bailey and Mrs Crosbie were doing a taste test so we all were aiming for the win. We ended up a tie and neither one of us got a prize.
It was 4:00 and it was starting to get boring but we had our next activity and it was the hobo stoves o it was in the burma trail so I was with Kaizen as a group and Kaizen was meant to light up a match and place it in the blue gel but her match snapped in half but she still tried and once she did half of it went flying off and ended up on my leg and I got a big fright. We all got our separate bowls and just start making our piclepes. Kaizen and I made really little ones and we had so much batter left we couldn’t finish it off. After that we all had to tidy up and get ready for the water slide and this time we got to go from the top. I was really nervous and didn’t want to go but the slide looked so fun. When it was my turn I laid down on the slide and crossed my arms and legs they pushed me down fast and I was having so much fun. I only went once because I wasn’t really feeling like it. At 6 we all had dinner and that day it was really nice and we had dessert there too.
We all went to the hall all nervous because we all had to do our dances. Our team wasn’t really happy that we didn’t get to practice before we got on stage. When we went up we did our dance and got some claps I knew that we were not as good as the comedy ones. We were watching a lot of them and to be honest there were some really good ones and some really bad ones. Once the talent quest was finished we had our group dance and we went 2nd to last because none of us wanted to do it. Once we finished we all took a seat and waited for the winners. We got first on our group dance but didn’t get anything but we got cream filled donuts for our prize. We had milo and cookies and we had to go bed.

30 th NovemberImage result for adventure park silverdale
We got up and got ready for our 7:00 run, it was still the same run at the same place. We had breakfast and that was about the same things that we ate the same thing the day before, once we finished our food we had to pack everything and get ready for our trip to Silverdale (Adventure Park).
We left the camp by bus and the bus was over an hour. When we arrived we all put our stuff down in our assembly area, then we went to do the activities. There was nothing open apart from the playground so my friends and I went and played. We played for a while until the ludge, shooting star, and the flying fox was open. The first thing that I did was the lugde and I’ve never been in a ludge so it was really fun for the first time. I went on for a while and then it started to get boring so I went to the shooting star and weighed myself but i weighed 39.3 and I had to be 40 I didn’t end up going on those rides part from the luge. Once it was 4 we had to go back to camp so we went on the bus and headed back to the camp.Image result for adventure park silverdale
As soon as we got there we had to get into outr togs and go straight to the water slide. It was really fun because we got to go for as long as we liked. Once we were finished we dried off and got ready for dinner. After we finished dinner we had the Y games and basically what we had to do was line up into our groups and there would be a chair at the front and once in awhile the person on the chair would change and so some challenges. It was around 11:30 and we couldn’t finish up the games so we headed back to bed, Mr Fourie said that he would let us sleep in till 7 and we all thought that he was being honest. So we all headed back to bed and fell asleep straight away.

1 st of December
We got woken up with a splash of water in our faces and of course it was Mr Munro and Mr Fourie with water guns. He moved on to the next room and we all were soaked and annoyed we thought that it was over but sadly it wasn’t. All you could see was Mr Fourie and Mr Munro coming down the hallway coming to wet us. We all screamed and dived into our sleeping bags and still managed to get wet. Once they were done it was time to get up. We went straight to the dining room to have breakfast. We got up and cleaned up everything in our cabins, we all had duties to clean up the camp and everything was clean an hour later. We got to have morning tea which was finishing as much as we could eat.
After that happened we had the top class event and I just had to do the parachute and do an obstacle course on the playground we got ahead on the running but room 8 overtook us in archery. We overtook room 8 on the water slide but still they won.
When everything was done there were presets given out and a couple of speeches and Mrs Bailey said t make a circle around Mr Fourie and everyone grabbed their drink bottles and waited but Mr Fourie said that who ever is on his side has to stand by him. So lots of people went until Hannah’s mu (Gale) got a big bucket of water and tipped it on everyone and then everything turned into chaos. Once that was finish and we all got to wet Mr Fourie we all had to tidy up the floor and head off. I was so sad that we were gonna leave but happy to see my family.
I ‘m so sad that it is the last camp with my friends at Reremoana school.

Year 7&8 camp 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017

Image result for 7:30 alarm clock
I woke up with my brothers car noises and I knew my day was beginning. I finally got out of bed at 7:30 and started to get changed into my clothes I was wearing for the day ahead. I got in the car with my mom going to school. When got to school I was waiting to put my stuff into the bus when everything was on the bus we started to hop onto the bus. I was sitting with Leah on the way down. A few hours later we got to PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village) we hopped off the bus then we had some morning tea. After morning tea we had some free time, in that free time I played volleyball. When free time was over we had to sit down in our lines with our camp group then Mr Fourie would let us off to our first activity. My first activity was Hobo stoves where we had to cook some mini pancakes on the hobo stoves ( the thing I don't like about them is that they only cook the pancake on one side so it was hard to manage). When that was finished we had to go straight to our second rotation which was the Riffles for me. I really enjoyed the rifles a lot. After our second rotation we went and had dinner which was spaghetti bolognese and it was good. Then we went onto the water slide for the first time. The water slide was my favorite activity at camp the water at the bottom was a tiny bit cold but it was alright. After the water slide we got ready to go to the burma trail. If you don’t know a burma trail is it is a muddy track in the woods with a rope to follow and you have to wear blindfolds. After the burma trail we had to wait for the other groups to finish (because we were the second group to go). After that we had some hot chocolate and got ready for bed. I couldn’t get to sleep because I was so excited for the day coming.  

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Image result for archery
On Wednesday we woke up at 6:15 - 6:30. We got ready for the morning run at 7am sharp. The morning run starts at the bottom at the steep hill through the burma trail and up the big hill going around behind the kitchen and dining area. We had to do that twice. After the morning run we had some breakfast. Then we would go freshen up for the day to come (we had 5 rotations today). My first rotation of the day was rock climbing and it was really fun. I did the rock climbing wall twice and I made it up to the top every time:) Then there is a noise we hear to change rotation. My second rotation was confidence course the confidence is a obstacle course that is really hard to do and your whole team has to go through it all in a certain amount of time my team ( Group 1 - Alphaz ) did it in 4:09 which is pretty good because the team that went before us got 4:24. After rotation two we went back to where we always meet and got a can of fizzy ribena and some biscuits to go with it. Rotation 3 I went to the initiative course which is just working together with your group. Rotation 4 we went to Archery, I’m not the best at it but I’m not the worst. Me and Delilah got so many points for the girls team but the boys still one the challenge. After that we went to masterchef which is where we eat our dinner and we had to cook french toast for Mrs Bailey and Mrs Crosbie, Thankfully the girls group one this challenge. Then we had some spare time and got to go on the water slide and then get ready for the talent show. At the talent show I was so nervous for our group to go and have our turn. (were called the tough cookies revenge) Then we had our camp group dances and ours was alright but we weren't the best. At the end of the night they were announcing the winners Mrs Bailey calls out “the winners are The Tough Cookies Revenge). I was so happy and excited to eat donuts for the first time in forever (that was our prize). Then we got ready for bed.  

Thursday 30th November 2017

Image result for Silverdale adventure park
I got up and I was so excited to go to Silverdale Adventure park. First we got up and we had a morning run just like on the 29th. Then we had some breakfast and we started to sit in our lines ready to go. We hopped onto the buses and they were so LOUD because everyone was so excited (But I still managed to sleep). As soon as we got there we got in a line and you could choose sweet or savory for your morning tea (they were cupcakes). Also we got a really yum juice box with it. After we finished our morning tea we could go and play on the rides! I started off by going in the little kids playground and I saw so many fun things to go on. First I went on this rocket long and you can press the buttons to go up and down (It went pretty slow). After that I went to get a drink and then went onto the tube slide (the tube slide is a slide and you go down in tubes). The tube slide was alright because it went really slow. After that there was lunch which we had burgers and fries. Then we went up to the top and first I went down onto the shooting star which is a huge sling shot going horizontal. When I went on it, it was higher than I expected. Then I went onto the luge and it was so fun that was my favorite of all! I already sort of knew that it was going to be heaps of fun because of the one in Rotorua because it’s basically the same thing. Those were only a few rides to go on there was still the zip line and more rides in the kids playground. After a big day we hopped back on the bus and of course I fell asleep again! We got back to PSYV and had a bit of spare time to do whatever you wanted to do (I went onto the water slide). Then we came inside and had some dinner and dessert then we had the why games and that was probably my favorite activity. After that we had some hot chocolate and hopped into bed.  

Friday 1st December 2017

I woke up and got little surprise… water guns (thanks Mr Fourie and Mr Munro). After that we came out of our cabins and we were so lucky that we didn’t have to do a morning run. any way we had some breakfast and got ready for the day. Then Mr Fourie said were having the class race which is where all the students in your class have to do at least one activity and it’s a race there were 3 other classes to beat (I did the running and the water slide). Sadly our class came 2nd because room 8 just bet us by a tiny bit. After all of that fun we tidied up our cabins and did our duties. Then we got our stuff onto the bus and went back to school so our parents can pick us up!

Year 7 & 8 camp 2017

Camp Experince Charles and Mason

Year 7-8 this year was at Peter Snell Youth Village
Mason: It was a Monday the day before we went to camp. We wore having our last practices with our groups we had worked out our group dance moves and had learn’t them as fast as we came up with them. We also just finished our banner it was a burger spider thing with fries and drinks around the banner. We had our last chant off at school no one knew who won the chant off. I tried to get a good night sleep but I was to excited for camp I could not sleep. Finally morning came I got up out of my bed checked I had everything and got dressed. I ran to the kitchen to make breakfast and I realised it was six o'clock I had two hours and thirty minutes. I arrived at school with my daypack on and my long big bag with me ready to go, every one put their stuff outside the hall and went into the hall so I did the same. We were asked to sit in our class and show that we had a drink bottle and hat. Then we went to in our camp activity group mine was the whopper I was lucky in my group I got my best friend. As soon as we sat down we were told to get our bags and go sit in the bus, we got up and went to the bus and sat at the back saving seats for Ethan, Ben and Lucas. It was ten minutes later when everyone was on the bus and we sit off to go but we waited another one minute. It was along ride to Peter Snell Youth Village. We had a test we had to do on the way so we weren't bored. Me and Ethan said to Robbie “What's for Dinner” we cept saying that until got iniod, Come to think it I don’t know why we decided to say that.

Finally we made it to the Camp, Everyone rushed out of the two buses to get there bags. I managed to get my bag first so I went and sat on the grass in front of the main building an waited for everyone else to get there bags and sit down. We were told to walk around the building to the deck area with our bags so we did so. We sat down in our activity groups in my group there was Robbie, Owen, Zach, Dayton, Braydon, Zoe, Piper, Chloe, Sophia, Fora and Alysha. We all were told eat some morning tea before we do anything else we ate our food in about Seven minutes or so, I had eaten almonds, Chips and A chocolate chip biscuit. We heard the whistle that Mr Fourie blew and we all sat back down in our activity groups, The next thing we had to do was find our camp and get settled in there. My cabin was in the Parents Cabin area, Our cabin was luxury it had heaters and we had heaps of beds (We switched alot). In my cabin I had my friends except lucas :( , But I had Robbie, Ethan, Ben and Zach in my Cabin and that was cool we had fun in there with our pillows until Mr Fourie came to tell us what is expected of us down in our Cabins.

Our First activity was the rock climbing, I did well I got to the top In a minute but other people in my group could not get up so we encouraged them to get higher so that they can achieve things that they found scary. Our Second activity of Tuesday was the confidence course were we had to go through acorse and do it as fast as possible. We set the record for individual record and group record but we did not cep it like that. We went on the water slide and it looked scary but I did and I liked it was fun. We had our dinner and played around a bit before we did the bermatrail. My group did not get blindfolds but I was lucky to get a jumper where I can zip it over my face. People in front of me were screaming so I moved to the side and jumped out of the way of the water there was another part where someone pulled on my leg to get me in the mud but I pulled my foot away and I came out not wet or with mud on me. On tuesday we went on our morning run which is run around the bermatraial and then go up the hill where the water slide and up around the main building and down to the volleyball net and then do it again and we do this every morning. My third activity was the initiative course we worked together as a team to get through challenges. One Of the challenge’s was to get three of your team members through tires and only two are allowed in the middle to help that was my favourite because I was one of the smallest in my group and I could fit through the tires. Our fourth activity was Archery This was my favourite activity because we got a lot of points each turn I had I always hit where I was Aiming except the bullseye ( I wish). The girls one because they had the first shot on A balloon that if you hit you win instantly and they hit it first try sad. Our Fifth activity was Master chef we had to make french toast but first we had to answer the questions. Braydon was beast he got six Out of our seven questions and I was confused with one answer tough it was the one that read who is the emperor of the sith the answer was Darth vader that wrong it’s emperor palpatine. We one with the ugly looking toast but the tasty toast we one the rubber duck go boys. Our Sixset activity was the hobo stoves we made pickletts on tin cans with team effort on the mixture they were nice yum yum. I last activity was the air rifles they were fun and easy to aim I always hit the big cans I missed the spoon once out of three.

Next was the Talent quest I was so nervous for our dance but we got on and enjoyed it We had people join in with us on the macarena I went so fast on one of those dance moves but lucas wow that was fast I tried to do that fast but not as fast as lucas. Next was our group dance it was fun to do your welcome but coming up with dance moves was hard. I think we did well with our song.

It was thursday probably the funniest part of camp. We got on the bus on our way to Silverdale adventure park we arrived on listened to the instructions we were not allowed to go in the restricted areas. We all went to the cafe to get our muffin and juice they were nice then we went to the space park we went to the playground that's where we spent most of our time we played tag a lot it was fun. There were also These rockets that flew around and you control yourself going up and down. Next I went to the 3D ufo the bad thing was that it was one that I saw so many times. I decided I wanted to try the shooting star but for the shooting star and the duel zipline you had to be 40 kg I am 38 kg so that's sad :( But there was the luge it was fun I went fast at the front without losing control. The second time I went down Amy cept bumping into the back me and hitting the sides of the walls which slowed me down dude calm. It was Lunch time I had the beef burger and fries I also picked for my drink L&P it was yum I went on the luge A few more times than I waited in line twice for the 7D video I did Canyon Coasters and spooky villa. We did the last water slide activity of camp I went down three times and then we did the Y games. I did the Moro bar challenge I choked on  piece I also did A music one and got A couple but still we came 3rd for y games It first Parents then us.

It was Friday the last day of camp We did our cleanup duty mine was the Corridor cleanup I vacuum the floors. Next and last thing before we leave was Top Class we Just did not come first by five seconds or something like that. We sprayed Mr Fourie with water and went on the bus as fast a I could And we Were on our way to camp I fell asleep a few times and we were at school. We Had pizza and Fanta and me and Ethan played cards until we went home at 3 o'clock. That was my 2017 Year seven and eight camp experience. By Mason

Charles: At Camp my camp group name was Wasted Potential. Our first activity at was masterchef with Miss Crosbie and Mrs Bailey and was in the dining hall by the main area. Our task was to make and serve french toast, but the twist was that we had to answer a question before we were able to grab a ingredient. Our second activity was hobo stoves with tayla’s mum Fleur who helped us make pikelets on the hobo stoves. The next activity was rifles With Alex hassel’s dad Mal who not bad shot himself. The next activity was rock climbing with Mrs honey and Maddy isaiah dad which i got rope burn on and then after that confidence course and initiative course, both required team work to do it. Our last activity was Archey with Grant Masson who is daniel’s dad and i was one of the two to hit he smallest balloon.  

Camp 2017 Bill, Rittivong and Josh

On  Tuesday, week 7 2017 the kereru team went to P.S.Y.V (Peter Snell Youth Village).It was about an hour in a half drive from the school to Peter Snell.  On the bus, your camp leader should have set you one or more questions to answer.The questions were about the surroundings e.g what is the first bridge the bus crosses so we had to stay awake.  

When we arrived we went down part of a hill which the building we were staying in was built on. We organised our bags and got ready for the first activity the water slide.

The first two times you did it you had to go from the middle of the slide, most people did two and some people just weren't keen. When you went down you went down your legs had to be crossed and you had to have your hands on your elbows. It was finally my turn after waiting in massive queue I hoped in the water was freezing running down the back of my spine,  then the two instructors pushed me I went forward at a slower pace than expected for a few meters then I dropped the slide was on a lot more angle now I was going quite fast the water was coming off my feet and hitting me in the face but before I knew it I hit the water at the bottom of the slide it was over.

It was Wednesday. There were so many activities we did at camp but my two favourite were the confidence course and the air rifles. The air rifles were pretty straightforward there were two people shooting at four tins hung up. These guns were not hard to work first you had to pull the end bit down till it clicked then you got your ammunition and put it in the small circle at the top of you gun whilst it was open. You then closed your gun got into your ready position lined up you two sites on the gun pulled the trigger and ping! That was the sound I heard after my first shot I had hit the tin.

The confidence was at the back of the camp in a small valley. From just looking at it I could tell it was going to be fun. You started by walking down a round plank you had a rope above you witch you could use to keep balance if need be at the end of the plank you jumped onto a small platform. Then there 2were three years held by ropes vertically between two planks. Then you walked along another plank onto the ground then you ran jumped over a river went around a tree and over a bridge that had holes in it most of us just jumped over the bridge. We were allowed to skip the tyers because most people could not do them then we had to go over a net type thing then over a wooden roller bridge which was quit wide after that you had to do a tight rope but there was a rope above that you could hold it was very long and probably took the longest time out of all the things. Then the last thing was the another roller bridge which was a lot longer but not wide at all this was hard to go over but it was the last item and at least you knew you were done at the end.

Camp was sadly over I had an amazing experience with my group and the other classes and can't wait to go again next year as for Rittivong he should have a great time at college.

Bill, Rittivong and Josh

Camp T4 2017

My legs were stiff from the night before. My eyelids heavy as I want to go back to sleep. But my excitement makes all of that seem neutral. “Oh you’re already awake” I glared up at my mums sleepy face. “Yup”.

“Chloe are you ready?”
“Yeah just saying goodbye to Lexi” I had just finished moving all of my packed bags into the car when I reached down to kiss my little doggy goodbye. “Bye Lolo”
“Okay I’m ready now”
“Okay let’s go”.

It had been a few hours after my mum had dropped me off to school, and we were just getting ready to hop on the big bus. As a camp group leader my responsibility was to look after the flag. So that meant I had to take the flag on the bus with me. After a couple of minutes on the bus I was too scared to let the flag hang above everyone’s heads. So I yanked it down (just missing Brooklyn’s head) and dropped it on the floor.

After an hour on the bus we finally got to the camp. PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village) was really cool. After our meeting on the camp’s deck, we made our way to our dorms and (lucky me) I was rooming with Brooklyn, Ella, Caitlin, Britney, Alex and Kenjah. After getting everything ready, we all met on the dec and headed straight to our first two rotations.

My team’s name was The Whoopers (I spelt it wrong) and we were awesome! After the confidence course and rock climbing, we met on the deck once more before going into the dinning room for dinner. Our dinner was awesome! (Not to mention my table was first) We had this delicious mince with noodles and I was so lucky to go first (I may have drooled a little). After our great dinner we all got ready for the water slide. I am going to be honest, I was way more nervous than scared of the water slide. The one thing that made it even worse, was that through all of my rotations I hadn’t seen what the bottom of the slide looked like (the water slide was on the right side of the camp while I was on the left for both of my activities). But I went down it anyway (it was compulsory) and I was so proud of myself.

The next day was just as awesome because I had archery!!! (SUPER FUN) And I am going to be humble about this and say… I was THE BOMB! I was so great at archery that I surprised myself. We didn’t just have archery though, we also had initiative course, masterchef, hobo stoves, and rifles (archery was my favorite). But the one thing that made me a little bit mad was that, my group was on rifles while all of the other group were already going on the big level  water slide (there was two levels). And this made me a little angry because while everyone else was going on the water slide. I could only cheer from the side line (not to mention Brooklyn and everyone else went without me). So after having some butter chicken for dinner and some ice cream for dessert, we all went to the main hall for the Talent Quest! (I was so excited and happy) And I was even more happy when my group won by ONE POINT! (We had donuts for a prize. YAY)I went to bed with all of my friends again.

On Thursday we arrived at the adventure park, 30 minutes away from Peter Snell. It was the funnest day ever! First we had lunch and then Brooklyn and I ran up the hill to the louge. After going on the louge Brooklyn and I headed to the zipline which was so much fun we did it twice. After going back up the hill from the zipline. Brooklyn and I did the Vertical Bungee (I felt like I was going to be sick). Once we had our fun day we returned back to camp. Before we went to bed, we had some nice dinner and dessert (we had donuts for dessert).

On Friday (the last day) we had a pretty cool day. Because we had this class challenge (called class challenge). And I was lucky enough to do archery! (YAY) But I had the worse bad luck ever! Every shot I did missed the ballon (we had to pop two balloons). And because of my terrible shot I got really mad at myself. And after all of our hard work we lost to room 8.

After getting on the bus and heading back to school we waited in room 7 for PIZZA! When the pizza finally came, we all went back for more and more (until it was all gone). Once we had all finished eating I got a ride home from Stu (Brooklyn’s dad). And then I had a nice and relaxing week end.

I loved camp it was so much fun and I can’t wait to go to another one next year!

Camp 2017 Recount

Yr 7/8 Camp 2017!!!

When we first arrived at school we got all of our bags and put them in front of the hall with the boys stuff on one side and the girls stuff on the other, I was nervous but excited to leave. Then we said goodbye to our parents and went  to talk to all of our friends since we were so excited. After that we headed into the hall where we had to get the roll call, Once that was done we then needed to pack our luggage into the bus, so we all lined up with our luggage as the dads help load everything in the bus. Then we picked the bus we wanted to go on and we sat next to our friends.

The bus took off and we were on our way to PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village). The bus ride was pretty boring but we found ways to entertain ourselves by playing Yellow car, talking and there were a few sleeping. It took about 2 hours to get there but it didn't seem like 2 hours it felt like a short bus ride because of the fun we had with our friends.

Once we had arrived at Peter Snell Youth Village, we had a quick meeting about the rules and the things we were going to do while we were at camp but once the meeting was over we went to our cabins and settled in. Riley was in cabin 5, Tayla was in cabin 11 and Jodie was in cabin 4.  Then we unpacked all of our things we went outside and had lunch, After lunch we got ready for our first activity by putting on sunblock and our hats and we walked off to our activity. There were 7 activities for all the 7 groups, Confidence course, Intivative course, Rock climbing, Archery, Rifles, Hobo stoves and Masterchef. When everyone had finished their activities for the day we had dinner which was spaghetti with corn and coleslaw. Then we went of the water slide which was super fun because it went super fast. Every other day expect Thursday was pretty much the same doing all of the activities.

Talent Quest
On Wednesday night is when everyone did the talent quest and the activity group dances, everyone sat in the hall and Mr Fourie explained how everything was going to work/happen. We first started with the talent quest and there were so many different acts including Singing,Dancing,Skits,Magic cards tricks and more
When everyone had finished their activities for the day we had dinner which was spaghetti with corn and coleslaw. Then we went of the water slide which was super fun because it went super fast. Every other day expect Thursday was pretty much the same doing all of the activities.

Adventure Park

Thursday came along and everyone was super excited as we went to Silverdale adventure park, At the adventure park there were lots of things to do like the big kids playground, Zipline, Luge, Shooting Star (Vertical Bungy), 7D cinema, Tube slide and the Spaceship.
After having time going on all the rides it was time for lunch at the adventure park we got a choice of a beef or chicken burger with fries and your own choice of canned drink eg: Coke, Fanta ,Sprite,L&P. Once we finished we had a little bit more time to go on all the rides, and then it was time to head back to the camp site.

Y - Games

The Y-Games was a big competition where all of the 7 groups + the parents versed in several challenges. Everyone in each group got number 1-12 and the we began the Y-Games. There were lots of different challenges like Guess the song, Trivia, Guess the chip or biscuit and etc. One of our favourite games was the WWE because Riley and I (Tayla) had Logan in our team and we won around 200 points! After a good 3-4 hours we came to a winner, The winners were IT and since they won they got Donuts.

Last Day

The morning of the last was amazing. We all got to sleep in and there wasn’t a morning run. The only downside was when Mr Munro and Mr Fourie came in and wet us with water guns! We had breakfast as usual and then got ready for the day ahead. The rest of the day was clean up and doing our duties that we signed up for. We also did the Top class event. Room 8 won and we were a close second.

After top class event we packed all our gear and the girls got ready for the big surprise. The girls were going to wet Mr Fourie as payback for all the morning water gun wetting. Finally the time came, we had our water bottles ready and Gail had her big bucket filled with water. Mr Fourie got soaked with water and it was super funny. At last the day had come to an end. Camp was over and we were soon on the bus on our way home. Most people fell asleep on the bus and it was very quiet.

We arrived back at school and met up in Room 7. We had a pizza lunch and we each got a choice of our on canned drink. Then we had free time and played games until our parents picked us up.

Matthews and Calebs camp recount

Matthews and Caleb’s Camp Recount
Peter snell youth village description as per the website

Peter Snell Youth Village is situated on 27 acres of native bush and parkland about 45 minutes north of Downtown Auckland. With amazing sea and island views towards Waiwera and the Mahurangi
The camp has been in operation for many years, and is a member of Christian Camping NZ. Peter Snell was kind enough to allow his name to be used for the property when he was a young Christian man beginning to be recognised for his athletic skill.

In recent years the facilities have been updated to meet the needs and comfort of the many school and community groups that take advantage of this beautiful site. Excellent catering and friendly hosts enable guests to focus entirely on getting the most out of their stay. Onsite activities include an initiative course, burma trail, horizontal bungy, water slide and trampolines, as well as an abseiling tower. Kayaking and sailing is also available but needs to be  booked with an outside provider. (have a look at the activities page). The beach track gives access to a rocky shore as well as a sandy beach for beach games and swimming if desired.
Recount begins here:
On Tuesday, we went to camp. We all outside the dining room on a deck area. with our luggage and sat in our groups and decided who was going to go what for the questions in our booklets for the trip there. I had already done 3 questions before we got on the bus. (Thanks, google maps). It was a long bus ride there. It took about an hour and a half to get there.I was in the back of the bus with Zach, Tyrone and Caelin. It was a cool bus ride because you could see everything that was happening all the way down the bus. When we got there, we got our gear out of the buses and then went to the deck to have morning tea. I got to have a lamington fresh from the bakery because my Mum went and got it in her own car while we were driving there. After everyone had their morning tea we went to our cabins and put all our stuff there and then we played outside until lunch. After lunch, we got ready to go with our activity groups to our first rotation. I had Rifles then Rock climbing. Rifles was cool because i hadn’t done anything like it and there was not any Rifles at the Chosen Valley camp. After I did the rifles then my group went to the Rock Climbing. It was kind of boring because there was only one wall and it took AGES for your turn and it was annoying when someone in your group just stayed on one rock and didn’t do anything just laughed *cough cough* william *cough cough*.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Rhyming Reason

Rhyme about self driving cars.

Self-driving cars, they drive themselves.
It is very swell. If you want you can even buy twelve.
Some people think walking is not great.
So set up the date.
To buy a self-driving car and drive around with your mates.
Self-driving cars go super fast.
The radio can go up to BLAST!
Self driving cars are very flash.
Just make sure you don’t crash.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Image result for garden party
Ugh the garden party was so fun but not cleaning everything up after it was finished, there was cake everywhere and all the food was on the ground. I don’t know why we had the idea of a food fight. I only joined in because I wanted to get payback Larissa.

11 Hours Before…

Image result for board gamesIt was a early in the morning Hannah and I were out to set up everything for the garden party. We hung up the ribbons and lights and we were just waiting on the food. Hannah set up the water slide and games and was watering the garden. The caterer arrived and her name was Larissa I didn’t invite her to my party because Larissa and I  have a terrible history. I asked her why she was there and she told me that she was the caterer but I knew it was a lie because they don’t open at this time. Larissa just wanted to ruin our end of the year party. Hannah asked her where is the food she hesitated almost for a minute, until she figured out that she came early with no food so she could figure out how big the backyard is so her company knows how much space they have for the food. 2 hours went by and we finished that lights and everything else.

Image result for garden partyThen the food arrived and almost everyone was helping out to set up except from Larissa . After Hannah looked over and saw Larissa not doing her job for the day she got angry and disappointed in her once again.  1 hour later the catering service left and  we were just waiting for our guest to arrive. I would stand at the front waiting with a list to make sure the correct people arrive. We were so excited that we were allowed to have a year 8 farewell. 18 people showed up and we were waiting on 2 more, until I saw someone else familiar and surprisingly turned up it was Larissa. She came and said that she was invited but we had a huge argument. Until my mother came out and said that it’s fine she could come in, I was so annoyed that she came.

Everyone took their seat as well as Larissa, Leah and I made a toast to thank everyone who came today. I said that we could eat but no that is not what Larissa was thinking, she stood up and made a toast to Leah and I, and said that she is thankful that she got invited which I think is ridiculous because she really wasn’t. After that horrible toast we finally got to eat, Larissa kept blaming us for a terrible party I had enough of what this girl had to say I grabbed a whole cake and shoved it in her face everyone was so shocked. Leah clapped and smiled until she yelled “ FOOD FIGHT” everyone grabbed food of the table and started to throw it, Hannah and I picked up the punch bowl and dumped it on Larissa.

11 hours later

We were cleaning up our mess and then Larissa comes with a piece of paper she hands it to me very happily, I read it and find out that apparently she is related to me…