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Statistical Inquiry

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Statistics Investigation

Join The Dance Club! By Chloe

Join The Dance Club
                          Dancing Girl Silhouette        Image result for Dance          Dancing Couple          
Did you know that Dancing is an amazing opportunity to do, it’s got everything! Body movement, body language, and a lot more amazing qualities! You should totally join the dance club right here at Reremoana! It’s so cool! So here are 3 reasons why you should join The Reremoana Dance Club. (it’s totally worth it)

Reason 1: Dancing is a good way to let out your true emotions. If you were very sad about something personal and don’t want to talk about it you could easily make up a sad dance, but if you're happy and want everyone to know how happy you are, you can invent a unique dance just for you! (You can even call it the  SUPER MEGA HAPPY DANCE or SMHD for short)

Reason 2: Dancing is upbeat! It’s like a little fat jolly man takes control of your body and makes you dance! It’s so much fun, you could meet new people and look at their amazing dance moves and make up  duet with both of your dance moves! But whenever you are sad the little jolly fat man dies. Until  you start to dance, then the little jolly fat man comes back alive and dances with you! (Yay)

Reason 3: Dancing is a great way to help with improving  your soul not to mention it also helps lose weight. We can dance to any music that we like, without even knowing we are losing weight! It’s amazing! Studies show that by dancing, you are not only losing weight but also improving your character! (aka Soul) And the best part about dancing is you can either do professionally or just for fun!

I hope you will take my interests into mind when you decide to join a club, but always remember, dancing is full of emotion, it’s a good way to let the little jolly fat man inside you dance happily, and it’s very healthy for you! So if you are interested stay until after school and you can join the Dance club bye!

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Join A Club


Have you  ever considered to join a football club, well I have. I recently  joined the Papakura City FC grade 13 team.i think that kids should join a football club because, it improves your discipline and it gets you fit and stronger. You also make lots of friends.

Firstly football is a team sport and which requires a lot of discipline. You have to respect others and always concentrate on your training and at the game.  Discipline helps you to get better at your skills and concentration.

Secondly it's a fun sport where you don't
realise but you get a real good workout
during a game. If you play this sport you
could get more fit and stronger.
You could also get a lot better at football
skills and drills.

You will make lots of friends out
of school and you will have good
relationships with other schools.
You will also learn lots of new skills
and drills from new people .

So guys and girls if you ever consider joining a football club or get the opportunity to, go ahead for it you will enjoy it. But if you don't you could like football you could try other sports clubs like basketball, chess, fencing, tennis and many more. So go ahead and try out for a football club.  

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Join a club

Why you should join the Pasifika group

I think that you should join the pasifika club because it’s very cultural, Heaps of fun and you’re guaranteed to learn something new. You also meet new people along the way and come to learn
what the cultures and religions mean.

If you were to join the pasifika group you would learn a whole bunch of new words and religions.When and if you join the pasifika group you will meet new people and learn something new with them.If you join the pasifika group you’ll learn discipline by coming on time and not get into so much trouble because your concentrated on the group and not getting into anything bad.If you join the pasifika group then you are likely to learn the Sasa and the Siva Samoa.

Also if you join the pasifika group you’ll have tons of fun and meet a whole bunch of new people.  Also you could make new friends and become the Caller ; ) which would make it 2 times better because you’ll be centre of attention and you’ll basically be the leader of the group ( except the the person that  is running it he or she is your boss so don’t go around saying I’m the leader I’m the leader  cause it’ll look like you’re really vain )
When you join the pasifika group you will learn new dances and not just the Siva Samoa and the sasa you’ll also learn the fakopake and maybe some cook Island dances. You will also learn new songs and try new foods that will blow your mind and make you feel good. Also you’ll learn the religions of some of the islands and learn what the culture and religions mean which might come in handy if you somehow are going to one of the Islands next year or some time in your life.                                                            
Look if you join the pasifika group you will have the time of your life you’ll definitely laugh you will play as well and overall have fun. Also when you join the pasifika group you will learn discipline and new things. Last of all I want you to search up Sasa or Siva Samoa and look at how they do it and then I want you to make your own one and show it to your friends or family.

By Isaiah   

Narrative Writing

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Year 6, 7, 8 TV Station

Monday, 3 April 2017


20170330_103454 (1).jpg    It's technology time!!  

 WOW!! looking good


                                              POWER IN YOU!!





Sunday, 2 April 2017

Narritive writing

Call for duty: Emma, Amy and Rob

Vietnam, Asia
0800 hours
May 5, 2022
Operation “Blackspot”

“alpha team 2 this is Misfit actual what is your status”,  “ Sir, we are under heavy fire, taken multiple casualties the PLR are everywhere send an evac to my location”!, “ Copy Alpha team 2 sending delta 4 to your Coordinates”. “ Misfit, this is delta 4, We are on approach”,  “ Copy delta 4, Sending info on the alpha team to your HUD”, “ Copy misfit delta 4 out”, “ Okay, Delta 4 suit up we’ve got work to do, Rob you take Matkovic, Campo and Montes we’ll drop you at the parking lot Emma and Amy you provide cover from the roof” As Rob and his team were dropped on the top of the parking lot while  Emma and Amy were keeping watch on the rooftops.  As ground units reached the bottom of the parking lot the PLR rolled in an m46a3 ravager to finish off the remaining infantry in the area.

Emma and Amy AKA Glaz & Palitz, the marines deadliest sniper - spotter team, with 156 confirmed kills and counting. As the two were scoping out the best possible for their team Another sniper team looking for the leftover marines, Glaz & palitz were about to have 158 confirmed kills added to their count but before Emma could pull the trigger the ravager had the team in their sights and were about let fly their 30’mm at the where they were stationed and blow them to smithereens. As the tank lined up towards the two rob threw his vintage stick grenade into the barrel of the tank and ‘Boom goes the dynamite’. After blowing up the tank and causing the entire country to realize that there were still U.S marines left in their area rob and his team was safely on a chopper going home with the wounded soldiers they had saved. Rob, Emma and Amy were awarded the medal of honor and were recognized for their bravery towards the service in the army.  

Why you should play NETBALL!

“Why you should play Netball”

Image result for netballThere are many great reasons on why you should play Netball. Netball is fun and you get to have fun playing with your friends as well as playing the game. Netball also helps making you confident on what you are doing and it can get you fit. It will also help with losing weight and picks up your fitness level.

Netball is a kind  sport that makes you energetic and pumped for anything you want to do and it also helps maintain your stress level if you are angry and annoyed.If you are always so concentrated on the t.v or any other networks netball can help loosen your mind to get your brain functioning again, instead of  being so bored inside playing on electronics all day.

Image result for netball

Playing netball can really help make us work as a team and cooperate pleasantly without fussing and moaning about little things that don’t need to be fussed over.Netball will help make your brain think properly if you are stressing over school work or any other types of staff that is really important.One thing that netball definitely helps with is competitiveness,get’s you strong and makes you tougher in life  to stick up for yourself.

Last of all netball helps boost up your self-confidence so you can be brave wherever you go and join something that you are not good at to help you improve,netball will make you focused and not distracted on anything else.So netball will make you become over your fears and if there is ever a little kid that doesn’t know how to play, you could show them and become a resilience person for demonstrating.
Image result for netball court

I hope I have convinced you to join or play Netball because you enjoy life much more and get to have fun while playing your friends and last but not lease it helps with your leg muscles and any other running types and it teaches you to follow instructions and having great sportsmanship with one and another.

Rob’s weird and depressing life

One day when Rob was gardening at 4:00 PM Sharp like he did everyday at his house. He saw a peculiar object as he dug some soil from under the rose flowers. There was a chest with a small gum ball inside. He was quite bored so he decided to eat it. At first it didn’t have a taste but then it got sour, and sour and sour. And finally it dissolved. Suddenly two girls came about the same age named Emma and Amy they started shouting at him saying what a boring life he had. And you’d be better off dead. (Rob was 18 by the way his parents died when he was very young, so he took care of himself). And they walked away to shop at the mall.

Rob thought they were right. So he thought he watered garden for the last time and went to his favourite place to be when he was sad. The edge of the cliff, overlooking the city. If only he could live in the city again with his parents. He jumped, but before hitting the ground he started to fly. And for some reason he felt smart for once. So he flew himself over to the mall. There was a giant monster. Attacking the mall. The monster grabbed two hostages it was the girls  from before.  Emma and Amy. The monster threatened to eat them so Rob flew back around.

But then he thought to himself. Would this be what his parents wanted. So he flew back around and punched that monster right in the gut. Unfortunately Amy never survived neither did Emma. But he still smiled. Then he woke up in a hospital bed. His parents we’re next to him. He died the next day. And now for real this time, he flew away.

My First 2017 Ride Narrative

Sweet Revenge

This is the worst day ever!!! First I find out my boyfriend is a psycho and now they are trying to kill me!!! How did this all happen? I just wanted to go out with my boyfriend and yet again my pretty face has ruined everything. I was trying to put everything together in my mind when I started to daydream about this morning… Earlier That Morning “APRIL WAKE UP” Ella screams at me, my eyes blink open to an unfamiliar room “Where am I?” I asked “you’re such a blonde!” Ella replies as she slaps my face. I could feel the red outline of a hand forming on my cheek when I ask, “do you still want to go to the theme park with David?”. Ella stared at me as if she’d seen a ghost “DO I!? Every since my parents have gone on this crazy diet I’ve been wanting to get out of this house AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!” At 9:00am a Rolls Royce pulled up in her driveway, “That’s our ride!” Ella screams as she jumps on the handrail and slides down the Bannister. We hopped in the car and he speed off down the windy country roads. The big red entrance welcomed us as we rushed inside the park. There are so many rides!!! I look at Ella, she punched me in excitement. We ran to the nearest ride and hopped on. After a long day of riding and eating, nightfall came I wanted to go on the Ferris wheel. Inconveniently David was scared of heights and Ella needed to go to the bathroom, so I climbed into a cart as it slowly lifted me into the air. I look down, David was nowhere to be seen, ‘that’s odd’ I thought. “CARRICK” squeaks the unoiled chains as the ride slowly came to a stop, all the light’s in the theme park flickered off. I was in the carriage highest in the sky. That’s when I heard it. The blood curtling scream. “AAAAAAHHHHHH” the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I took one last glimpse of astounding view, and peered over the edge. There, standing by the roller coaster, was a group of demented, melted clown figures, with thick make-up and blood stains all over their body, killer clowns. There had to be about ten of them, all with gas tanks on their backs. I looked next to them, there, was one of the most hottest girls in school, with a melted face. I gathered that the the clowns sprayed her with gas. I watched on as 5 or 6 clowns ran around the coaster spreading what looked like oil. Then the smallest most ugliest clowns lit the ride on fire, while the others cackle on in enjoyment. I HAD TO THINK FAST!!! The clown that was wearing the bright pink T-Shirt with blood smears and overall’s pointed in my direction. “ELLA” I screamed “WHERE ARE YOU???” The clowns start walking in our direction. There. In the front of the pack. Was David. Want to know how I know this? Even under all that make up, I could see the birthmark on his cheek. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts to find Ella’s number “ELLA!!!” I yelled through the phone “Yo” she said simply not knowing the dangers that lurked outside “They’re melting everyone’s faces, they are lighting the park on fire!!!” I sobbed through the phone “and they just spotted the couple in the carriage under me, they’re walking this way!!!” “WHAT? WHO?” Ella yelled, a lot more alerted “Where are you?” I asked “The bathroom” “Stay there, HIDE!!!” “AAAHHH…” she screamed, then the line cut off. “ELLA!!!” I howled even though I knew she couldn’t hear me. ‘PLEASE’ I prayed ‘Let me live a little longer’ I look down. The clowns were now at the bottom of the ferris wheel plotting what they were going to do. One looked up, I caught a glimpse of his over make-up demented face before I put my nose back in the carriage. A tear rolled down my check. This is the worst day ever!!! First I find out my boyfriend is a psycho and now they are trying to kill me!!! I just wanted to go out with my boyfriend and yet again my pretty face has ruined everything. I needed to think. FAST. Three. Three of them!!! They were climbing up the Ferris wheel. They stopped at the carriage underneath me, spraying the couple’s once pretty faces into ugly demented lumps like the clowns. I leap to my feet and start to climb. I climbed three carts away from them over the pinnacle, closer to the ground. I look over my shoulder at the clowns, they were climbing back down. But the ones at the bottom where getting ready to light the Ferris wheel on fire! Then I spotted a wire that lead all the way down to the bumper boats arena. I unbuckled the strap that once held me on the ride, looped it into a harness and zip lined down the wire. SPLASH!!! I landed in the bumper boats water, almost hitting the side. As soon as I hit the water the ferris wheel ignited killing everyone in it. I swam up and took a big gulp of air, trying to take in what just happened. Ella. David. So many thoughts. That’s when I heard a ringing sound on the concrete. I almost jumped out of my own skin at the sound. MY PHONE! It must have fallen out of my pocket on the zip line. I hop out of the pool and run to the ringing sound. I pick up and look at the cracked screen. David. Oh how I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. I pressed the green button, and held the shattered phone up to my ear. “April, I’m so glad you’re alive” he exclaimed, with his happy expression I almost forgot he was trying to kill me. “Are you?” I said, still dripping wet “Or are you trying to help me sign my death sentence?” “What are you talking about?” he asked “YOU AND THE LIES!!!” I exclaimed in to the phone “I dated you because you were a good listener, not because you were a good liar” “So you know” “YEAH” “It wasn’t my idea, I got blackmailed into it! But I know a way to stop them” “Why should I believe you?” “You don’t have to, you just have to trust me. Meet me by the petting zoo in 5 minutes” “NO” but by the time I had the courage to say that, he had already hung up. I tried to think of another way to do this. I could just run away, but then Ella came to mind and I couldn’t leave her, dead or alive. So I stayed low and in the shadows, away from the fire’s. When I got to the petting zoo, David was already there. “April!” he expressed, I walk right up to him and punched him in the nose “What was that for?” he asked “What do you think?” David started whispering to me about his plan. I didn’t think it would work, but did I have a choice? “We need something they really want. You.” He said with his soothing voice. My eye’s started to water. I knew there was no other way around this. But I also knew I could die trying to save everyone. I closed my eye’s and replied “ok, I’ll do it” As David ran in the other direction to find Ella, I found myself coming face to face with danger. I tried to get as much attention as possible from the clowns. I jogged through the middle of the gas spraying madness and caught all the eye’s of the clown’s. Because I was the one they really wanted, the most prettiest girl in school. Their arm’s pulled at me trying to slow me down, cutting me with their long nails in the process. Pain. Sorrow. I didn’t even know how I felt. I only knew what I had to do. I was now being chased by all the clowns, leading them blindly into a trap. I ran all the way to the log flow ride and climbed up the STAFF ONLY stairs behind the waterfall. As David had said, it lead to a dead end. So I started to climb up the rocks, good thing I took rock climbing classes back in year 8. I look down, the clown’s couldn’t climb up with their long nails. Pathetic. Half way up the cliff there was a ledge, with a clown there. I almost thought I recognised her, but under all that clown make-up I couldn’t be sure. I keeped on climbing and once I reached the top, all I could do was wait. Wait until the police arrived. David had shut and locked the door that lead to the stair’s, so the clown’s couldn't escape. Hopefully with Ella. That’s when I had the time to take in my surroundings, the whole theme park was on fire. I turned around around to face the city, there were red and blue light’s heading this way. I froze as I heard stone’s crunch under someone’s feet behind me. I slowly turned around to find the clown that was on the ledge behind me, was holding a gas tank. After that was all a blur, she spraded me with boiling hot gas. I held up my hand’s up to my face, a second to late. After the gas had cleared I felt my face, it was melted from the steaming gas. Then she started to talk to me “Hello April” I recognised that voice anywhere, Ella’s. “ELLA?!” I screamed “Yes…” she replied “But why?” I asked “Remember prom night 2016?” she started to question “Yes, that’s the one you didn’t go to” “Yes but then I found out something you wish I never did ” “What?” “Why David left me for you. Last year prom night I was sick, so you took David to the prom. You guys kissed and he left me for you. I’ve been pretending to be your friend for a whole year while I plan this very night” “But why? You knew he couldn’t decide between us!” I sobbed “That’s why he helped me with this scheme. This is just SWEET REVENGE” she said as she pulled out a camera. “Now do what you do best. Look down the camera lens, and SMILE…”


Cliffhanger ahead

Rob is sitting on his bed watching videos on his laptop. Then suddenly his sister burst into his room and starts whining “Can you please take me to the mall”
I'm busy insisted Rob. Amy then slowly leaned over to the screen of the computer “how busy, watching cats run Into walls.”
“Get Out!” Said rob angrily
“Pleaseee robert please...” muttered Amy putting on the cutest face she could.
“Fine But it is not illegal to kick you out halfway through the trip”  
“Yay” said Amy all excited again
Both of the kids got into the parents car but instead with rob behind the wheel. “Which mall did you want to go to again?”
“bad manners (bad-manners)mall”said amy
“That place is dodgy are you sure”said rob “yes” said amy
They soon arrived at the presented mall they called Bad Manors The second the got inside Amy ran off into the food court.
Rob started running after her but he lost her in the crowded food court.
Then as fast as lighting there was a gunshot followed by screams from the nearby crowd. Rob started rushing forward when he saw a man sprinting away with Amy's handbag Rob ignored the man and went straight towards the crowd there were two bodies lying down next to each other on the one side was emma the other, Amy… He ran straight into the crowd right up to Amy screaming “it’s all my fault!” He checked the pulse of his little sister, he felt as her heart started to stop then In a instant her little life was at a end.

The end

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why you should join the chess club.
When you play a game of chess there is lot’s and lot’s of rules to the game. When you play you have to use your brain a lot during a game. If you join the chess club and you don’t know how to play then the chess club will be able to help you to play. If you join the chess club we could play a tournament in the school.

If you play chess then your brain will develop massively, because chess is one of the best board games for your brain, because in chess you always have to think a couple steps ahead of your opponent, because then you have lots of other plays you could do.

If you join the chess club it won't be lonely and boring because every once and awhile we will have a inter school tournament. If you win then you will get a prize, the prize might be a piece of chocolate or it might just be well down. If you get really good at playing chess then Mr Fourie will think about putting you into a team, for when we go to a outer school competition.

If you want to join the chess club and you don’t have a clue what to do then, the people that do know how to play chess will try and teach you how to play chess. When I first join the chess club I had no idea how to play chess or where to place the pieces on the chess board. But now I do know how to play chess and it’s a extremely fun game to play.

After reading all of my ideas of why we should play chess, do you want to play chess. It’s a great game for your brain, it’s fun and after a while you get pretty good at it. So come on guys join the chess club.
Why you should join an athletics club!

Image result for junk foodHave you ever thought about keeping yourself fit and healthy? Well, yes there are many ways you can stay fit and healthy such as joining a gym, counting every calorie you eat and so on! How boring, right? If I told you  that there is a way of keeping fit and socializing with your friends at the same time, would you be interested in joining the club? I believe that being a member of an athletics club physical and social needs. Here are my reasons why you should join an athletics club!

Image result for athletics trackFirstly, I think it would be really fun competing against your friends as well as having a great time doing it. Not only that but you could also learn some new skills and tips along the way.  Why be one of those people sitting at home with no friends, eating the biggest tub of junk you could find “ if that was me I would be thinking ‘ WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE’.

Image result for skillsSecondly, think of the new skills you could learn like jumping high, throwing far and much much more. You can also do all of those fun things with your friends and family. Think about how joining this club will impact on your life. If you would only like to do the running part then this can reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Image result for coming lastThirdly, It doesn’t matter if you you come last in every race you race in it’s about having fun and that you have friends by your side and actually being part of it and this can keep you out of trouble and all of those sorts of things. It can also keep you fit and healthy and I know everybody wants that!

So I hope that I have persuaded you to join an athletics club and remember
  • It would be fun competing against friends
  • You can learn new skills
  • And it's just about having fun
So I hope I have persuaded you to join an athletics club.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Owen - Basketball

Why we need new courts immediately!

Why we need new courts immediately!

The current state of our school courts are very dangerous and not suitable for the kids and unexpected weather.Our school courts are very small leading people to crash into each other and we can't have two games playing at once.Plus our school courts are not presentable ether, if a new student comes to our school we want them to see the courts and be like I want to go on that first.We need new school courts and here's why!

Firstly, Our school courts can be very dangerous in our usual Auckland whether making the concrete burn student's feet or causing them to slip and graze there arm and leg. Did you even think about the size of our courts? Exactly we need to upgrade and change the size of our old boring courts. Currently they are very small and not big anuf to have to games playing at once. Also our school equipment isn’t spaced out very good either because when someone goes to shoot a goal and another hop is beside it that person could miss and hit the other ball causing the other team to miss their goal.

Secondly, some kids can’t afford school hats because of the price so how are they going to have their chance of playing on the courts? That is exactly why we should have shade sails over the court. I think that would help a lot for those who have migraines or get sunburnt easy plus it could cool it down when it gets really hot. Another thing that can help our school courts is to have a higher fence surrounding it so we don’t have to worry about throwing the ball over and having to go all the way round to get it.

Finley, we all can't forget about looks because who want a dumb old looking court am I right? I think we need some colour and shape to our courts so if someone was interviewing the school they would think man they have a nice court I might send my child to, Reremoana or if a new kid comes to school they would think I want to go on the court's first because it looks like the boom!

I strongly believe that we need to upgrade our school courts and say goodbye to the past courts and hellooo new courts by the way we could be saving someone's life to sun cancer. Hopefully you have thought about it and made a good decision I can’t wait to see our future courts and what you decide.

Fix the Reremoana school courts

Fix the Reremoana school courts
I strongly believe that the Reremoana school courts need! Changing immediately.They can be very dangerous in rapidly changing  Auckland weather, people running into each other basketball hoop, netball hops and there are even tennis nets.
Image result for danger
The courts can get seriously slippery and wet  
In Auckland whether we can never be sure if it is going to rain or if the sun is going to stay out.Do you know how dangerous it is to run around on wet concrete it is so so slippery and its concrete falling over on it can be immensely painful you could just get a few bumps or buses but if you landed badly you could even break a bone.      here's and idea the B.O.T could get tinted plastic or glass put over the courtsImage result for tinted glass roof it would give them shade and they would get nowhere near as wet and hopefully there won't be as many puddles IMG_20170322_120054.jpg  altho they might need to have some type of wall in cases of side wind.It would be a bit like the hall but better. They could even add thin padded mats over the surface to prevent scratches scrapes bruises and lower the chance of breaking bones.Image result for thin fold over crash mats


With poles hoops and nets scattered around the court it has got to be dangerous there is a very high chance you run into one of them especially if you are like me and pay zero attention to your surrounding and just focus on the ball.To prevent people from running into them.First they could have the all of the hops on the side of the court not in the middle.They are pure mettle IMG_20170322_120054.jpg
Running into them is not nice even if they were on the side of the court does not mean we are going to completely  miss them so the B.O.T could put foam around them like this

Image result for netball hoopthen even if you did run into them it would not hurt as much you could also make them fixed our current ones have got wheels which means students can move them around when they want which is why there always in the middle of the court.The tennis nets should either be kept on the side of the court for all the time that they are not being used or they could implant them through the middle separating the netball court from the basketball court.

“Ow careful you be careful”running around on the court can very dangerous with 50 other people on with you the chance of running into anyone very high especially with all the different lines and games.IMG_20170322_120621.jpgThe B.O.T need to make the court bigger we are running out of space that school is getting bigger and bigger and nothing is enlarging.The court is one of our smallest areas to play but is yet one of the biggest to in popularity to play on.if we had bigger courts we could have the basketball and netball team practise at the same time without colliding.    

As you can see the courts as they are now are dangerous and need developing. I would suggest that the BOT should make the courts bigger. Instead of having 3 basketball hoops, 4 netball hoops and 2 tennis nets we could just have 1 set of each in separate to avoid them crossing over. Another suggestion to deal with the court becoming slippery would be to put a clear roof over the courts.