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How to place a Reremoana lunch order

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If you don’t have the energy to make a lunch order or you simply feel there is nothing you like at home, you might want to order a Reremoana school lunch. To buy a Reremoana school lunch all you need to do is bring some money and an envelope or zip lock bag to school and you are ready.

Image result for school lunch piehave a lunch at school means you simply just have to place an order. firstly you have to bring money and an envelope/zip lock bag. then all you need to do is chose your lunch and you are ready to order your lunch. choosing a lunch at Reremoana school is easy because we have a variety of options.

Once you have made up your mind you must put your order and money in your zip lock/envelope and place it in your classes lunch order container. your lunch monitor will then take it to the kitchen and you will receive your lunch at lunch time.

Now that you have received your lunch it’s time to eat the lunch of your choice and enjoy. As you can see ordering a lunch at Reremoana school isn’t that hard and it is easy.
Lunch orders
At Reremoana school most kids would usually make their own lunch but,if you would like a change or don't have enough time to make your own lunch you can order lunch.

If you want to order a lunch,you will need.A menu to know what you want an envelope a pen a small amount of paper to write on and the right amount of money to pay for your food.To start of you read the menu to figure out what you want and exactly how much it will cost you.when you know what you want you have got to write down on a piece of paper the item you want and how much it costs.When you have written down what you want and the amount of money it costs to buy it then you need an envelope or a zip lock bag to put the paper in when the paper is in you need to put the write amount of money or just over the write amount of money in the bag.

Once you have your order in the envelope or zip lock bag you place it into your rooms lunch order box which should say your rooms number on it.At about 9:00am the lunch order monitor will take it to the canteen room.At about 5 minutes before lunch the lunch order monitor  will go and pick up your rooms box.When your rooms box is at your classroom and it is lunch time you may get out a brown bag with our name what you ordered and your room number on it and if you over payed in cash you may have some change.

If you need a break from your lunch remember that you will need.A menu,envelope,paper,pen and money.Write on your paper what you would like put your money and paper a zip lock bag or envelope.put the envelope in the lunch order box and wate.


How to order a lunch from Reremona

How to order a school lunch from Reremoana

Is it sometimes hard for you to decide what you want to eat,
well here is a simple way to not to think what lunch you want because all you could do is order lunch from the school canteen.
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Ordering from the school canteen is a lot more easier and affordable because it saves you time and money even though you don't have time to pack any lunch.
Ever wondering how to order well it’s easy all you have to do is : 1.order what you want then write it on the envelope 2. get the right amount of change and put the money in 3. seal it up and put it in the school lunch order box.

Wasn’t that easy as pie now after putting your lunch in,all you have to do is wait till lunch time and it’s ready.Now lunch is here and your lunch is ready nice and hot “yum,yum”. After finishing your lunch then that’s all you had to to nice and simple,that’s why you should order the school lunch order menu if it’s ever hard for you to buy lunch from the supermarket.

How to order lunch-Mason

How to order lunch

A school lunch is food that you buy from school to eat for lunch.  Eating lunch is
Important because it gives you what your body needs like protein, nutrition, and energy.  But sometimes your parents have not got time to make you food with a lunch order it is easy, fast and convenient.

Your first steps to ordering a lunch is to. Look at the menu and choose what you would like to eat for lunch. Next is to grab your money and check if you have the right amount of money then but the money in an envelope and write what you would like name and class. When you come to school find your class lunch order box and place your order inside.

What will happen next is it will be made. The lunch order monitor will take the box to the canteen. Then all you need to do is wait till 12:55 then remind the monitor to grab the lunch box. Then you will check that your order is right and you have the right amount of change if you did not get the right amount of change and right order you will go and tell the people at the canteen. The last thing for you to do is EAT!!! your order.

Lunch orders are easy and convenient when you are in a rush and is nice to have and that is how you order a lunch. By Mason

How to order a lunch order at Reremoana school By Riley

How to order a lunch from the canteen Reremoana school
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If you are ever feeling like having a special treat at school,ordering a lunch order is the best thing for you to do.A school lunch at Reremoana school is a hot or cold lunch cooked by the ladies at the canteen,but to have a lunch at school there are a few thing you need to do and here are the steps,to ordering a lunch at school.
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Image result for envelopeThe number one thing you need to do first is make sure YOU know what you want to eat from the canteen it could be hot food like a pie or cold food like a sandwich or a juice.After you have decided what you would like to eat then you need to grab an envelope and make sure you have the right amount of money.When you have done all of those steps you need to write down your name,what you would like to eat and the total amount on a envelope.

Now that you are at school all you need to do is put your envelope in the class yellow container and then remind your lunch order monitor to go give the lunch orders to the ladies at the canteen so they can cook your lunch.

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Image result for juice ice blockWhen it is 10 minutes before lunch time you need to remind your lunch monitor to go and collect the lunch orders.Then you need to wait until lunch time to go and eat your lunch.When it is lunch time then you can collect your lunch from the container.First thing you need to do is check that your lunch order is correct,and if you were supposed to get change make sure you have the right amount of change.Then you can eat your lunch!!!

I hope that now you know how to order a lunch order if you didn’t know how,just remember to get an envelope,put the money in,write what you want and tell your monitor to take the orders.Having a lunch order is awesome but you can't have a lunch order all the time,but a good reason to have a lunch order if you don't feel like making your lunch, or your late and don’t have time to make lunch. Lunch orders are very convenient so don’t forget to order them.

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