Thursday, 21 September 2017

Family Vacation!

Image result for planeThe day had come! It was vacation time for Carter and his family. In his family there is Carter, Ivy his 9 year old sister and his mother and father. They were waiting at the airport Hoping for their plane to be called over the speaker because they all were so excited. Later that day they were all on the plane waiting time to hop off. As soon as they got to Hawaii they went straight to there hotel rooms. When they were signing in they were looking around and they saw a massive pool outside the big window. After that they all went to go for free time. Carter and the rest of his parents chose to go to the pool. They were there for a while until Carter and his mother hair waves crashing and getting closer to them. Carter hops out of the pool and sees in the reflection of the reception window that it was a tsunami. Carter didn’t have time to think he just screamed out loud “RUN”!  

Image result for flooded streetsA few moments after the tsunami past all of the streets were flooded and everything was ruined. Carter's mother survived so she just went looking for some help because she sprained her ankle and a few cuts and bruises. A few moments later when she was trying to walk with her saw ankle she hears someone crying from up a tree. She try’s to run as fast as she can because she recognizes the voice. When she gets to the tree she see’s Carter was lying on a thick branch with his arm bleeding. She calls out “Carter”in a relieved voice and he looks down and see’s her. He is speechless and sad because they don’t know where the rest of their family is and hoping they're still alive somewhere. After a while Carter gets down from the tree so they can talk. They decided that their going to find a hospital or someone that can help them.

Image result for helicoptersCarter and his mother keeps on walking very slowly because of his mother’s ankle. They stop for a second because they are both in pain and still hoping they would find his father and his young sister Ivy. Carter and his mother starts to walk again and was a little bit scared because none is around so they think nobody else survived. After a few minutes they struggle to get through all of the water and stuff that has broke from the tsunami! After walking for hours they finally find a hospital but there was only half of it left. Carter’s mother is so pleased to find help even though there was only one half. In a few minutes they find help and get into a helicopter and go back to Australia (where they live).

A few moments later Carter’s father turns up struggling to walk on the messed up pathways and is trying to get to the one half hospital. There was helicopters every where because of what happened and to get people safe and back where they belong. A helicopter finds Carter’s father and takes him back to Australia with so much other hurt people in there. A few days later when Carter and his mother gets out of the hospital balling their eyes out because they think most of her family is dead they hear someone talking saying “WAIT”. And there he was Carter’s father. Carter and his mother trying to run as fast as they can to give him a huge hug but then Carter said “where’s Ivy”.


Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Meteor Strike

Image result for mariinsky theatre’Straighten your legs,Spot in your turns,Smile,That leap should be higher’’Screams Miss Phillips. ’’Were trying’’says Anna and Viktor in a sleepy tired voice. Anna and Viktor are the most talented ballet dancers in Russia, they dance for the Russian ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre. They are both 17 and have been dancing together ever since they were 3 years old. Tonight they are performing their favorite dance piece,The щелкунчик(The Nutcracker). Anna and Viktor have been practicing this show for 7 months now and they both are super excited to perform it. The Mariinsky Theatre was built in 1860 on October 2 and is is a huge theatre that can seat over 2000 people. ‘’Anna,Viktor hurry up get in your costumes,the shows starts in 3 hours’’ Says Miss Phillips in an extremely loud voice. Finally after a good 2 hours and 45 minutes,Anna’s long ginger hair is in high bun and her makeup is pretty natural with and light pink lipstick and brown eye shadow,Anna is in her elegant white tutu already for the show. Viktor has got his brown hair slicked back with gel and he has his red suit ironed,Now the show can begin. Anna and Viktor peek through the curtains and they are shocked to how many people are here,They try and count to see how many people are in the theatre but it’s to hard the seats are all taken! Anna and Viktor look at the clock to see that is it time for the show,they quickly do their good luck handshake and then they get into position and the show begins. The curtain rises and Anna does a awesome leap into 5 turns,Viktor does a very high kick and does a leap onto the floor. Anna and Viktor continue doing their dance perfectly until they both feel something strange and then ‘’CABOOM’’ a humongous rock lands in the Mariinsky theatre. Everyone runs out screaming ‘’Ahhh there’s a big rock’’,’’It could've killed us’’,’’RUN’’. Miss Phillips and Viktor run out of the theatre thinking that Anna is right behind them but when they get outside they realize Anna is nowhere to be seen.Where would she have gone? ‘’Dave did you hear about that big rock that landed in the Mariinsky Theatre 3 minutes ago’’Says Matt in a curious voice ‘’Omg a Meteor Strike we need to check it out’’Dave says in a excited voice ‘’A meteor what what’’ ‘’ Don’t worry Matt you've never been the brightest of the bunch,I’ll go check it out you stay here’’ says Dave in a snarky voice. Dave hops in his Black dusty Jeep and drives to the Mariinsky theatre. Dave hops out of his Black Jeep excited to see the Meteor strike.Dave looks around to see ambulance everywhere then his brain clicks The Meteor strike hit the theatre well people were in it.Dave is and rescue worker for people so this is when his skills come in handy.Dave runs over to everybody and tells them that he can help everyone he just needs to borrow someone’s phone. A nice young lady gives her phone to Dave and Dave rings up Matt(Dave’s Co-worker) and tells him to bring in a plane with a Digger so Dave can clean up all the mess that the Meteor made and his Black shiny Labrador dog to smell out if anyone is stuck under a rock.Matt gets everything on the plane and takes off but the pilot tells him that all of the airports have been closed until it is clear there is no more meteor strike coming.Matt rings up Dave and tells him what is going on Dave is devastated  because he doesn’t know what to do he wants to help people but he has no ideas how is supposed to help them. After a good 30 minutes of thinking Dave finally comes up with a plan it might be risky and he might get in trouble but it’s the only plan he’s got.Dave is going to drive to the Fire station down the road and steal a fire truck and if he can find a dalmatian to use instead of his Labrador he is going to take it. Dave quickly turns on his car and zooms down the road to where the fire station is.Dave sneaks into the fire station trying to not make a noise and finds that no one is even in the fire station.Dave found that a bit weird as the doors were open and unlocked.Dave grabbed one of the keys to the firetruck and zoom off as fast as he could back to the Mariinsky theatre. Dave climbed up the fire truck ladder and found A mum,A dad and 4 month year old baby on top of the roof they had ran up their thinking it was safe.Dave directs them to the ladder and they all climb down together and got to the ambulance truck. Viktor counts up all the people 1999 people so their is 1 person missing and Viktor knows who it is ‘’Anna’’.Dave look through the rocks to hear someone screaming ‘’Help Help i'm stuck under this huge rock’’Dave quickly grabs Viktor and they both run over to Anna.Dave and Viktor use their muscles to lift up the rock and get Anna out.Anna is safe and Viktor takes her over to the ambulance truck,Anna got told she had broken her arm and fractured her ankle it it would take 10 weeks to heal at least Anna didn’t die or crack her head open.The Mariinsky theatre is now in the process of being fixed.
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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tsunami horror

People screaming and “ow” was all you could hear for about 20 minutes after the tsunami.The people in the city were in great shock and horrified of what had happened to their city.They could not stop staring at it after a while some body rose and made a very long speech (I'm not going to write a speech)he said that they would need to build enough buildings for a number of people that survived.His name was Lukas Lukas was a tall man standing at about 6 foot tall he had brown muddy hair and light blue eyes Lukas was not the strongest but he a was a great leader.He also had two who stood with him they were always with him and great friends the where Dylan and Ronan. They set off to work right away they would use the leftover materials from the wreckage.They had built enough homes to fit 10 people within 2 months which was not helping there were only 20 people to fit in homes they were halfway there.They have nearly finished the third house when one of the men in the other home got a radio connection the news was on. The president of America was pronouncing that Japan would be a nuke bombing testing island although he did not know that there were still people alive.They no longer wanted to build homes and would use the ones they already had they decided that they were going to build boats so that they could evacuate the island. It was not easy for the remaining population to find enough materials for the boats even with the brains of Dylan as he was the smart one of the 3.When the group was searching they found a mysterious creature that washed up on the beach most problem from the tsunami.It was a pink looking blob some thought that it was a jellyfish from the deep sea.But Dylan said it was too big to be a jellyfish and had no tentacles Lukas decided that he would keep a small eye on it and he would take it to land in South Korea from South Korea they would make a phone call to America saying nothing because they weren't in Japan anymore so it didn't matter.But they would send it to America so America scientists could research it.Should everything go to plan? The time came they were leaving today.First they lifted the pink blob into the boat and 5 others they waited for the other 15 it was ten in a boat so Lukas Dylan Ronan and 2 friends got to go in a boat of 5 just as they were setting off a rocket with a dark grey trail it was getting very close and was extremely loud.At about the last minute they realized it was a nuke it hit the ground with a sonic boom and everybody died. 

Robot Invasion By Mason

The war began in 2022 it was long a lot of people died trying to stop the evil robot army. People went into hiding trying to live but they cept getting found. Four years later the guns stopped firing and it sounded like the war was over and people came out to see but it was bad the robots had won. The City of Crank heart was destroyed car were flipped over, gravel on the ground, buildings half intact, and machines destroyed all around the places. After that more of the survivors were gone and the war against robot and men had come to an end. But there were three thirteen year olds named Jake, Lewie and Nathan.

“We can not live like this forever” Said Nathan angrily they were In an old coffee shop, the doors and windows were blocked  by parts of buildings they sat in the middle and sat down eating uncooked potatoes and drinking dirty water.  Lewie got up and went over to the corner of the room Nathan and Louis looked at him puzzled and he came back with something shiny “this is something I found a couple of weeks ago buried under the rubble” said Lewie. It was a huge diamond Nathan and Louis stared in astonishment. Then they heard something from outside they got up with their knives in their hands and went closer to the windows to hear what it was. The sound was the sound of a hundred feet hitting the gravel. They went through a little gap in the wall and they were hit with a beam of light they were outside looking at group of humans, They were survivors.

The person at the front suddenly stopped and looked right at Jake, Lewie and Nathan and said “who are you” Lewie grunted and Nathan said “We are three teenagers that survived the war and have come to see what the noise was from outside, And you are”.  “I am Richard and I am leader of the survivors” Replied Richard “well what are you doing out here, And out of curiosity where did you get guns” Asked Jake. “For your information there lying on the ground every where and we are heading towards the bridge”. “Well in that case we can tell you're trying to leave the city, so can we join you” Asked Lewie “No not without payment because we have limited food sources and we can't let you just take what we earned” Said Richard “we will pay with this” Louis said taking out his diamond.

Straight away Richard said “yes” and they joined them on there way to the bridge that leads out of crank heart city. They were marching along the broken dust filled roads passing flipped tanks and a lot of guns, Talking about what they had been doing while the war was happening a lot of them said “we hid in Axel Morgan's big bunker (Lewie’s farther). They all turn the corner to find them in a dead end because there was a robot lying there, the good news was that it was not on. It had long legs and a cube like body and guns on the sides it had a huge screen on the front that reflected them. Some stupid person named Jack ran up to it and started beating it with a small stick. All of a sudden the robots lights started flickering and then all round the city there was the sound of robots turning on. “God sake Jack!” Yelled Richard. They all started to run off in small groups, Richard, Jake, Lewie, Nathan and two others ran straight a head towards a carpark.  And they lived in the carpark and found a bazooka they shot all the robots and destroyed the main robot hub at the top of the mountain in the center of the city. The survivors came out and they rebuilt the city together and they lived their lives without war.

Lucy Lost - Brooklyn

Lucy Lost

Lucy. All I could think about was Lucy. I could tell Isaac was thinking the same thing. George was clinging to my back, drifting in and out of consciences. The fumes creeping into his lungs, strangling him from the inside. He was still holding on to his teddy bear, that was the only thing telling me he was still alive. And to think it all happened so fast. Everything was taken away from me, a rug pulled from under my feet. I was clinging on to so many lives. George’s, Lucy’s and - not to mention - my own.

That Morning 8:00am

“I told you not to touch that!” Snapped Lucy in her normal sassy tone. We were in her apartment opening her birthday presents. “Well you weren’t touch’n it!” Isaac replied trying to make it sound like he wasn’t the tiniest bit afraid of her. Lucy rolled her eyes and put her focus back on her new drone.
“Lucy! There is one more present in your room!” Dave, Lucy’s father called from the kitchen, where he was preparing brunch. Lucy’s eyes’ lit up and she ran to her bedroom, Isaac and I following soon after. We chased her to her room and her face flopped into a frown when she saw what was waiting on her bed. “What is this?” Lucy exclaimed holding up a pair of leopard pattern boots. She clearly did not want the boots and Lucy wasn’t the sort of person to hide things like that. Her Dad walked in the room brushing his floury hands on his ‘kiss the cook’ apron. “They are Ugg boots!” Dave said cheerfully, obviously not hearing the sarcasm and disgust in Lucy’s voice.
Just then my phone rang. I picked it up and was disappointed to see ‘Mum<3’ on the phone. ‘Who’s that?’ Isaac mouthed. ‘Mum’ I mouthed back well I answered it.
“Hi Dolly. Julie and I want you boys to come home now”
“Do we have to? We haven’t even had the cake yet!”
“Ugh, really?”
And with that, she hung up. “We have to go home” I moaned.
“Your Mum can’t do that! She can’t tell you what to do and when to do it like she is the boss of you!” Snapped Lucy back.
“I wish that was true” sighed Isaac, never wanting to leave Lucy’s side. I could tell he had a crush on Lucy - I did too - but whenever he tried to ask her out I would quickly change the subject. So we said our thank yous - only getting a grunt back from Lucy - and were on our way.

We slowly trudged down the street, both in a stroppy mood. “Mum’s are the worst” moaned Isaac, his eyes following his feet. “They only thing they're good at is feeding us!” He carried on, getting more and more angry “In fact that’s all they ever do! And they should stick to it to! They should stop jabbering on about “do this! Do that! No don't touch that!”. Why do we have to go home anyway?!” I shrugged, but she probably had a good reason. We got to our street, Oxford Court and went up to our house’s front doors. Our houses were right next to each other. The first time I met Isaac was when he moved in 9 years ago. I was going over to introduce myself and when he opened the door he jumped on me because he thought I was going to attack him.
I walked into my house, surprised to find George - my three year old brother - standing there in his Pirate suit. “Hey Dolly!”. George called me Dolly because when we were young they used to play with army men together. George didn’t know how to say ‘Army Men’ back then so he would call them Dolly’s. And from then on the family had known me as Dolly. “Want to play pirates with me?” George asked. I groaned but then realised my mum was watching me (and mum was already mad at me for talking back) “Sure” I replied.

I played with George the whole day. Eventually we gave up and went to our rooms. Then something strange happened. The ground started to rumble and my legs turned to jelly. Things were flying off my wall at me, some hitting me in the back, hard. My brain finally clicked. It was a earthquake, a huge one two. The walls started to crack and I thought the roof was going to fall down on me. My heart ponded and I crawled to the doorway, hoping it was strong enough to hold the pressure of the earthquake. Just then one wall of my bedroom collapsed and the house went on a lean, killing my puppy Dogo in the process. I started to cry. I cried for Dogo, my brother, my mum, Lucy and Isaac. Then everything stopped. Just paused for a minute. I could hear George crying and screaming from next door. I got up and ran to him. The gasses made it had to breath and you could hardly see the thick dust in the air. I ran over to him and could make out a bit of the ceiling on his leg. He was screaming my name, I lifted the heavy piece of concrete of his leg. Only now did I realise the sharp pain in my back. I felt where it was, and found a gashing cut in my back. I turned back to George who was screaming in pain of his leg. Then he just stopped. I feared he was dead, I bent over him clutching his teddy bear. He was still alive. I grabbed his bed sheet and wrapped up his leg. While picking him up on my back I ran to mum's room, but only to discover that there was nothing but rubble. She was under there somewhere, dead.

I ran outside with George on my back, still gripping onto his teddy bear. He was unconscious, but breathing. The blood from his leg soaking the crisp, white sheet. Isaac came running outside with his little sister, Ava. Her arm in a bloody sling, but Isaac seemed unhurt. I took a few deep breaths and took in everything around us. Some buildings had completely fallen down and there was gas in the air, making it nearly impossible to breath. We looked at eachother for a long time. Trying to put together what just happened. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not stop thinking about one person. Lucy. All I could think about was Lucy. I can tell Isaac was thinking the same thing. George was clinging to my back, drifting in and out of consciences. The fumes creeping into his lungs, strangling him from the inside. He was still holding on to his one eyed teddy bear, that was the only thing telling me he was still alive. And to think it all happened so fast. Everything was taken away from me, a rug pulled from under my feet. I was clinging on to so many lives. George’s, Lucy’s and - not to mention - my own. We started to run to Lucy’s apartment. Realising that everything was collapsed, and so must Lucy’s apartment. Ava started to cry and whimper, oh how I hated when little kids cry. We ran down Oxford street. We ran 10 blocks then taking a right. We ran until our feet were on fire, until it was nearly impossible to breath. We took the last left and there it was, Lucy’s apartment. Lying horizontally across the street. We slowly walked to the 37th floor peering in the broken window. I laid Goerge carefully on the ground, Issac doing the same with Ava. I peered into the window, everything was everywhere. There was no way Lucy had survived. I stepped through the window. The first thing I saw was Dave, blood smeared over his body. He was lying in the smashed oven - the one he was not long before cooking in. But Lucy was nowhere to be seen. We searched the apartment, my back aching in every sharp turn. We ventured back out the broken window, me first and then Isaac. To find Ava and George both in an unconscious state, still bleeding uncontrollably. “Noah, I, I think you should put some pressure on that back” Isaac wheezed out of breath. I turned my head around to look at my back. The hole was bigger than I had expected it to be. The blood had ran down my back and legs, like the river Nile. I picked up George, Issac doing the same with Ava. We ventured out into the evening city looking for shelter and - not to mention - Lucy.

We found a house that was still sort of together, and went inside. We good some bed sheets and some food for tomorrow. We set up camp and fell asleep shortly after. Never to wake up again.